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Asher John Sathya

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Asher John Sathya is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student of Mechanical Engineering at CMR Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, India.
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His areas of interest are the aerospace industry and product design. Originally from the state of Tamil Nadu, Asher is based in Bengaluru since 2011. He chose to pursue his higher studies in Mechanical engineering to help him learn more about his desired field of Aerospace technology. At CMRIT, he was exposed to the UIF program by his project mentor. 

 Asher is currently involved in and heading two project groups for the past year. In his spare time, he is often seen discussing varied ideas and solutions with his peers and faculty members. He has always been known as an enterprising individual and he looks to put this to good use.

Asher has discovered his passion to be a techno-entrepreneur. The recent events occurring world over have piqued his desire to help the world, and he wants his future endeavours to have a social touch to them. Since middle school Asher has been an avid reader, debater, creative writer which have won him many awards. He was also involved in theatre until his high school days. He is a leader and has held prestigious roles such as ‘School Prefect’. On his campus, he wants to create a Social-Entrepreneurship wing along with the UIF Leadership Circle.

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