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Bina Nusantara University, also known as BINUS University is a private university in Indonesia. BINUS was established in 1981 and the main campus of the university is located at Kemanggisan, Jakarta. With the majority of Computer Science and Information System Students, BINUS always aiming to be A World-class university, fostering and empowering society in building and serving the nation.

Bina Nusantara Alam Sutra Campus, South Tangerang

Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs

Academic Course

Entrepreneurship I & II class

The mandatory class for all students at BINUS University. Every student who partakes in this class will plan their business proposals and creating their business artifact framework through the process of building and reinventing a business. In Entrepreneurship II, students would commercialize their business in an Entrepreneurship Festival called BINUS FESTIVAL that is held annually. Students who have to build their business idea are encouraged to commercialize their business in public. During the pandemic, the project was not displayed at the offline bazaar, instead, we use a system called BISANARA to display our project as if it was displayed in the marketplace. BEC (Binus Entrepreneurship Center) was responsible for every curriculum that related to the Entrepreneurship embedded course in Bina Nusantara. Young Entrepreneurs from BINUS are sometimes contacted to be guest speakers on some occasions in Entrepreneurship classes to motivates and implementing an Entrepreneur mindset to the students.

Embedded courses with Entrepreneurship class

Most of the class projects that have business concepts would have a project that hinted at Entrepreneurial and Innovation as the base project ideas. Things like system analysis class, for example, have a project to design the system for the business plan, which concludes the data pipelines, technical implementation, and product management. Students were encouraged to start defining a problem that occurs in their environment and take the action to empathize, analyze and ideate their solutions which correlated with the classes and gain experience of commercializing while exploring through those processes.

Extracurricular Activities

B.Preneur Club

A community of students who took an interest in Entrepreneurship in BINUS. The Club established at 2016 and continue to bring an entrepreneurship environment for the student in BINUS with competitions, seminar & webinars, workshops, and talk shows. The Club also generates entrepreneurship content on Instagram and often partnered at media & events with Universities in Indonesia.

IS Study Case Club

A course-supporting unit to conduct laboratory services for BINUS students majoring in Information systems. Aside from teaching and learning, IS Study Case Club members also develop their skills through business case competitions and IS case competitions that are held from regional level to international level. The member from IS Study Case Club mainly from Information System lab assistant and it's also one of the benefits of joining the lab assistant community at BINUS University

Binus Entrepreneurship Center (BEC)

An Official Organization from BINUS that manages and hosts all entrepreneurship activities in BINUS from the curriculum, classes, environment facilities, and events (B.Preneur club activities are excluded). BEC is the responsibility when students partaking Entrepreneurship II classes and support their needs to provide help for students who has a problem in registering their prototype of business in BINUS FESTIVAL. BEC has 5 levels of programs, which consist of Transmute Mindset, Basic Entrepreneur, Experience, Go to Market, and Promotion & Inspiration. Each of those levels consists of several programs like for example Transmute Mindset mainly targeting a general audience and their program consists of seminars, workshops, and talk shows. The next level advances the material and the knowledge of entrepreneurship which also changes their target audiences. The highest level of the programs consists of Mass Media Promotion of the business, Start-up Competition, and Upgrading Leadership Skill.

Binus Incubator labs

An Official Incubator from BINUS that manages the startup building from the selected project. BINUS Incubator provides support and services at venture assistance including legal & policies document assistance, mentoring and coaching for the teams, and helping the startup teams to gain funding from internal or external stakeholders. BINUS Incubator helps to nurture the preparatory stage for startups to grow and initiate their launching phase.

Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship

Binus Creates

BINUS Creates acts as a ‘hub’ that connects the faculties with external parties and vice versa. We are exploring and seeking a synergistic partnership with the aim of maintaining the relevance of BINUS’ education in the globalization era and of closing the gap between BINUS’ curriculum and industry needs. BINUS Creates supports the academic team in pursuing BINUS strategic ambitions to provide professional services using academic fundamentals and holistic views. As an independent unit within BINUS University, we are responsible for the effective delivery of activities based on BINUS’ paradigms and methodologies to all of our clients, which consist of private sectors, state-owned enterprises, government institutions as well as non-profit organizations.


GreatNusa is part of BINUS for a bold learning portal with a vision to foster & empower the Indonesian nation through access to learning anywhere & anytime for lifelong learners. GreatNusa presents a variety of practical, quality learning materials, selected from leading experts & educational institutions as an effort to support the Indonesian government in achieving Advanced Indonesian Superior Human Resources. There are various courses in GreatNusa, free to premium and Tech to Self-Development.

University Technology Transfer Function

BINUS Technology Transfer & Commercialization

Part of BINUS Research and Technology Transfer organization and partnered with Binus Incubators Labs to provide Technology Transfer support, licensing, and scientific access for commercialization. Lecturer in BINUS must have published their paper and journal annually and BINUS Technology Transfer & Commercialization helps to support the process of publishing and rights

Facilitating university-industry collaboration

Internship Enrichment Program(Enrichment Program 3+1)

A program from BINUS University where students in the 6th and 7th semesters take a part in Enrichment programs. This program runs for 1 year and sums up to a total of 32 credits where students from BINUS University may take paths like Research, Startup Creations, Internship, Social Volunteer, and Study Abroad. BINUS Students could choose whatever the Enrichment track they are interested in and commit their semester to focus on the track. At Internship track, BINUS Student could apply to the company that partner with BINUS, with the help of adequate Information System BINUS's had, student could easily apply from the Learning Portal (Binusmaya)

Apple Academy

The Apple Developer Academy @ BINUS is a program from BINUS collaborating with Apple to creating world-class developers for the world's most innovative and vibrant app ecosystem. The Academy focuses on coding, design, and professional skills. The 10-month journey supports students to develop your own apps and become a well-rounded professional. There are tons of training and project that Apple Academy conduct every quarter of semester to improve their student skill and experience in building an impactful app

Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For everybody, there’s a dream of a successful future. But for some people, the dream will only remain as a dream. BINA NUSANTARA Foundation is aware of that fact. The foundation believes that a better life is achievable through better education. That is the reason why BINUS Foundation incorporates the Teach For Indonesia (TFI) program within its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda. The TFI program focuses on developing the community’s education with an emphasis on non-degree education and skill. This program is supported by individuals, as well as profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations.

The implementation of this program is adjusted to the resources owned by BINUS University both related to human resources and funding. To carry out each task, together with the departments to compile and develop programs that are in accordance with their fields. In carrying out each of its activities, we also cooperate with the community, and various agencies/institutions, both government and private institutions on the basis of mutually supportive and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Purpose of this program:

  • Assist the community in improving their skills, expertise so that they try to be independent and improve their income.
  • Assist teachers in improving their competence in accordance with the field pursued
  • Assist civil servants in improving their competence so that they can help in carrying out every operational activity.
  • Develop partnerships in developing Community Service activities

Activities carried out are tailored to their majors. These activities can be in the form of providing skills, training, counseling, and teaching. The facilities available to carry out this activity are central to BINUS University. Each activity is carried out in collaboration with the LRC (Learning Resource Center) unit, Software Lab, and Hardware Lab.