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SP 1: Bi-Works


Bi-Works is a Workshop event program that held on monthly basis. The workshop is about ideation, innovation and entrepreneurship. We are plan to make a cross event with UIF partner university as the first month event, so students can collab with other university students in the event to get more knowledge and mindset by sharing their thoughts and also to get more friends and relations. .

Key Tactics/Strategies

Set a meeting to discuss the program

Planning the event or workshop materials for the program

Prepare the things that needed in the program

SP 2: BTS, Binusian Trade and Sell


BTS is a digital platform for Binusian to sell their product or services online with other binusian. It’s designed for an Entrepreneur that wanted to validate their product and market since it will be hard to compete in big E-Commerce. Entrepreneurs could start small and design their own improvement of products by analyzing the user behavior for their products. This will be a movement that supports fellow Binusian that already have an Entrepreneurship spirit while they’re still in the school

Binus Incubators & Accelerator could also scout some of the businesses that potentially could be improved and supported to become a startup or established business. The vision for this program is to motivate Binusian to have an entrepreneurial mindset by providing them a platform to start their Entrepreneurship Journey

Key Tactics/Strategies

Define the scope of the project, define the stakeholder and present our plan

Research the best platform to implement and develop

User testing and validation, also launch marketing strategies to increase traffic and engagement

SP 3: Binus Aquarium of Startups


This is a Bootcamp program to kickstart business idea creation for Binusian. Binusian will dive into a 4 weeks training session about creating a business framework and proposal, then they will pitch their ideas in front of Binus Incubators and other related stakeholders.

The output from this program will be incubated and supported to get funding from government funding to build the team, manage the operational, marketing, and launching phase. This program visioned to develop business and management skills for Binusian, while also grow their Entrepreneurial Mindset to build their own innovative product and potential business startups.

Key Tactics/Strategies

Define the scope, stakeholder, and curriculum for the Bootcamp

Meet the stakeholder to present our planned program

Build the roadmap and guidelines for each actor

Decide the platform to connect and other supportive tools, design the homework and final project theme

Execute the publication plan and manage the registration process

Prepare the onboarding sessions and set a schedule for the classes

Prepare the final project briefing and the due date with the juries

Monitor the progress of the participant with Google classroom, Zoom and lecturer meetings

SP 4: Bi-Connect


College is a place to gain knowledge, experience, and also network, and every year, there are an estimated 8000+ Binusians that enroll in BINUS University. This program is appointed to become the center of information access and also becoming the digital environment for Binusian to interact with others since BINUS still didn’t have a single centralized social platform. This program is visioned to be a place for Binusian to reach others from different majors, programs, or campus branches and also become an integrated platform for BINUS to share official information with higher engagement from Binusian compared by sharing the information in the school social media.

Key Tactics/Strategies

Preparing the meeting with stakeholders, create the prototypes impact analysis

Find and build a Discord management team and determine the channel that should be made beforehand

Create the Discord Server with the management team and create guidelines in Discord for freshman

Discuss and execute the publication plans to the Binusians