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Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University provides more than 60 undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs and concentrations, a diverse international faculty, 50 plus student organizations, and an extensive alumni network comprised of politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, authors, artist, and more, many of whom are change agents on the local, national and international stage.

Alabama A&M University offers students the opportunity to take courses related to innovation and entrepreneurship. They can be found in the Business department as well as the Engineering and Technology departments. They offer courses on programming, computer-based design, small business management, etc. Outside of the classroom, there is plenty of opportunity to develop these skills further. Organizations like Thurgood Marshall College Fund partners with AAMU and other HBCUs on innovation challenges and pitch competitions.

Alabama A&M University has a faculty dedicated to innovative thinking. The library staff established a makerspace and 3D printer laboratory that is accessible to all enrolled students. This space encourages students to continuously develop their innovation and entrepreneurship skills as it promotes creativity. Faculty in the College of Business also promote this through their ELO office. They developed a program that allows students to be business consultants for Boeing, called the BOE-FLEX program.

Alabama A&M has offered several opportunities for students. In the startup venture space, the university has an organization that will come in and help a newly made business. The organization also helps students learn and build their new business. In the TRU fund, a group of experienced entrepreneurs are able and ready to help those who have just started their entrepreneurship journey. The RISE program is a group who works to secure government contracts for research and development. This not only includes aerospace and engineering, but also production and industry work. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs promotes and facilitates externally funded broad concept research and associated training growth in research. 

Alabama A&M University is located in Huntsville, AL, which is  one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Alabama. With growth, comes innovation and new experiences. Alabama A&M has partnered with many local government agencies to get students involved with companies such as MB Solutions, Redstone Arsenal, Northrop and Grumman, and Alabama Power. Many of these companies pride themselves on their innovation due to the fast growing population in Huntsville. The university creates a direct pipeline to organizations like this by providing a quality education to those interested in the field and giving them a step in the right direction.

Alabama A&M University offers innovation and entrepreneurship development through several startup programs. Specifically, these are enacted by the department of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. Most recently, Alabama A&M has partnered with Alabama Collective that has launched Innovate HBCU Experience. This program was launched to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship in HBCUs in Alabama. This program implements policies that support innovation while encouraging minority tech talent and entrepreneurs.

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