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Project Name: The Good, The Great, and the Not So Ugly: Changing the Narrative on Teaching and Teacher Preparation.

Project by Faculty Innovation Fellows Candidate Dr. Samantha Strachan

Why is this project important to you, your department, & your Fellows?

The nation has been facing and continues to face a critical teacher shortage. Faculty members in the Department of Teacher Education and Leadership work tirelessly to recruit and retain students to become teachers. Unfortunately, positive perceptions of the profession have waned and there are sometimes misconceptions regarding how teachers are trained. This project will focus on challenging and changing the current narrative on teaching and teacher preparation.


Currently, there are a lot of misconceptions about teacher preparation/training and the teaching profession. Due to these misconceptions, college students are sometimes discouraged from pursuing teaching as a profession. My project will focus on exposing key personnel to truths about teacher training and the profession as a whole. While our department (Teacher Education and Leadership) works to actively recruit and retain students in education, there is currently not an initiative focused on changing the narrative regarding teaching with key stakeholders on campus and in the wider community. This project will potentially serve as a vehicle for transforming how others see teaching.

Stakeholders served

  • Advisors in Alabama A&M University’s Freshman Academy
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • University Recruiters

Key Milestones

  • December 2023: Select Advisory Team
  • January 2024: Convene Team to Discuss Approach to Changing the Narrative
  • March/April 2024: Meet with Education Advisor in Freshman Academy with a focus on Teacher Preparation and Teaching as a Profession
  • June 2024: Work with Advisory Team to develop a Campaign that Targets Undergraduate and Graduate Students regarding the Teaching Profession
  • September 2024: Run Campaign
  • December 2024: Review Impact of Campaign
  • March 2025: Meet with Advisory Team about Scaling Up Campaign

An Innovation Portfolio

  • Presentation slides, evidence of campaign approaches, photos, minutes from advisory board meetings etc.