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I am so extremely excited for this meetup! I think it will be amazing to get to meet with other people in this program, trade ideas/advice for various projects, and get to meet the UIF team in person!

This will be an amazing experience! To have such an opportunity to engage with fellow UIF members at Stanford's d.School and tour various Silicon Valley locations will be incredibly enlightening. I consider myself very fortunate!

First of all, I feel very lucky with this opportunity at UIF program. I hope a pandemic situation will be better and next year I can attend Silicon Valley. But, I have to go through this training first, I hope I can do it. It's a big responsibility, and every big responsibility requires a big effort to do so. Um, I forgot something. I also have to have a passport and a visa. And if next year the world gets better, my first plane trip will be an amazing experience!

a very valuable experience, can gather and explore silicon valley. And, I am very lucky to be able to join the UIF program -Maksudsembarang (talk), Padjadjaran University.

Nice documentation there, I can feel the vibes and lucky to joined UIF now!! - Thomas

It will be an amazing experience (maybe) once in a lifetime! I believe that joining this meetup, it will give us a great perspective and insights into the way how we think and innovate differently from other people outside. I hope that all of us can meet there and share our ideas, experience, and skills that can lead to create impacts in society. - Timotius Haniel

i can't wait going to silicon valley and join with UIF in directly.- Cintya Kristianto

I just cant express how eager I am to attend the meetup. I feel very privileged to have been selected for the training. I literally hope that we have the meetup in person this time. It would be really insightful to interact with people of different mindsets, have some exposure to new things and learn from the experienced. - Padmavathi Nayak,VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of engineering and technology, Hyderabad , India.

Really excited to attend the Silicon valley meetup! This will be one of the best memories of my life. Meeting people from various countries across the globe and learning from them, gaining insights from many intellectuals is something that sounds very interesting. Thanks to UIF for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. Learning from peers and other faculty out there would help learn lot more things :) . - Ratna Keerthana Nanduri ( VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, India)