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The Wayne State University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Landscape Canvas shows that students have a mutitude of assests that will usher a wave of new I&E ventures.

1ST Strategy: Increase Awareness Of Campus I&E Assets

WSU has a myriad of resources available for entrepreneurs and innovators, however the problem seems to be a lack of marketing of these resources. We plan to develop these seminars by working with the COE (Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization) and Michael Wright the writer of Wayne State's TEDx blog. We'll then work with faculty members to find a space as well as market to our students and faculty members via emails as well as mentioning it in classes. We'll also hold talks by those willing to donate their time to inspire and motivate. We're confident the administration board would be willing to donate if we prove these seminars are in WSU's favor especially if we can hold fundraising to hold these seminars.

Develop Seminars That Provide Overviews Of:

  • New venture creation services offered by Wayne State University
  • ICE, Innovation Curriculum For Entrepreneurship
  • Wayne State University I&E Meet-ups

2ND Strategy: Develop Innovative Curriculum For Entrepreneurship

ICE, Innovative Curriculum for Entrepreneurship is envisioned as a new college credit offering by Wayne State University that includes six course. The six courses would be open to all majors and would not require any of the current pre-requisites to enroll. The classes, taken in conjunction with courses from one's chosen major, would spur innovation and entrepreneurship from all schools. Furthermore, the completed courses could be awarded as a certificate, entrepreneurship minor or free electives open to all schools independent of pre-requisites.

  • XIE 2000 - New Ventures Technology [Lab Held At The Research Flex Space]
  • XIE 2050 - Social Advancement From New Ventures
  • XIE 3000 - New Ventures Political Frameworks
  • XIE 4000 - Raising Capital For New Ventures
  • XIE 5000 - New Ventures Marketing
  • XIE 6000 - Capstone For New Ventures

We plan to implement this by writing a proposal to the administration board to introduce this a a new program. We'll showcase it to students as a way for them to demonstrate their can do attitude, something most companies look for when hiring. The administration board will see the benefit from as more tuition money coming in as well as grow the faculty.

3RD Strategy: Create A Campus Research Flex Space

We plan to implement this by writing a proposal to the administration board. We'll showcase it to students as an excellent place for them to work on their projects or to use facilities such as a 3D printer for prototypes. The administration board will see the benefit from as way to increase their revenue stream from intellectual property rights.

  • Draft Proposal
  • Secure Funding & Campus Location
  • Create The Research Flex Space For Maker Activities & New Ventures

4TH Strategy: Engagement Through Social Media

We intend to promote I&E through continuous efforts to educate and engage the Wayne State University student body and faculty. Our vehicles for engagement will be Facebook, Meetup and Twitter.

  • Promote I&E To All Wayne State Departments
  • Establish Social Media Profiles
  • Engage The Student Body

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