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Innovative Core Curriculum 

  • Intro: We want to implement an introductory alernative for the freshmen experience. We want to build a design thinking based core curriculum that will help students develop an agile mindset that promotes problem solving while also meeting the basic requirements put on by the educational system. 
  • Why: The entrepreneurial mindset is critical to success, and moreover, a course like this would inspire entrepreneurial spirit in all students. Additionally, a general education course on entrepreneurship would introduce students to resources around campus, as well as game-changing events such as Minute Pitch and Innovation Challenge. ​
  • Team Leaders: Davis & Ashley
  • Milestones:
  1. Meet with UMass President to discuss changing key curriculum by 12/16
  2. Meet with advisors of various departments, to see if a course like this could be a general education requirement by 12/16
  3. Engage active professors in syllabi production by 2/17
  4. Finalize syllabi by 3/17
  5. Launch trial courses by Fall of 2017

Secure an Associate Vice Chancellor of Entrepreneurship 

  • Intro: An AVC would serve as a way to validate the I&E of all students, not just those in Isenberg. The AVC would help to centralize the I&E ecosystem and give power and resources to the hackers, makers, and innocators of UMass. If students had an individual with a great deal of power to vouch for them, students would be able to produce more work and entrepreneurial spirit on campus would be increased. Furthermore, students would have access to more funding, and a more powerful network.
  • Team Leaders: Davis, Amelia, Steve, & Ashley
  • Milestones (because of the scale of this endeavor we are unsure of the scope of this project, however we have looked into things such as the cost to the university which we estimate to be around $500,000 a year):
  1. Meet with the current Chancellor to propose the idea by 11/16 2.
  2. Outline responsibilities and begin searching for qualified individuals by 6/17
  3. Work with school officials to form a hiring committee and interview potential candidates post 6/17 until AVC is found.

Innovation Space

  • Intro: Currently, students who are interested in entrepreneurship don’t have a space to work together and collaborate. Even within Isenberg school of business, there are not many spaces to meet and work together. A makerspace is certainly needed, as more work could be produced if there was a creative, accessible place for students to work.
  • Updates: Through our connections with the Center, the Entrepreneurship Club, Berthiaume Student Innovators, and Design Club we are already running a pseudo-Innovation space. This space meets in a room regurally every 2 weeks as of Oct 20th! We offer food, skill building, networking, as well as some resources. Long term we want to produce a more permanant space with more resources, but right now we have the basics, whiteboards, computers, and good people. 
  • Team Leader: Davis & Josh Darling (non-UIF)
  • Milestones (for permanant, sustainable space):
  1. Meet with chancellor to propose the idea by 11/16
  2. Secure a space, or choose an area to renovate by 3/17.
  3. Work with a student committee to make sure that the makerspace is as ideal as possible by 4/17.
  4. Buy materials to furnish the makerspace and keep it as creative as possible by 5/17

Entrepreneurial Hub 

  • Intro: Right now, there is no school of entrepreneurship or space for entrepreneurial students to meet up, host clubs, or host events. While there is a business school, only students who are in the business school are allowed to use the space. This is exclusive, and limiting, and excludes many students who possess entrepreneurial spirit yet who are in different majors. We believe that education, especially entrepreneurial education should be inclusive, not exclusive. This is why we believe that a hub, even if it just an events hall, is critical to the success of spreading entrepreneurship on campus.
  • Team Leader: Amelia
  • Milestones:
  1. Meet with chancellor to propose the idea by 12/16
  2. Meet with the UMass President to talk about beginning to build construction by 12/16
  3. Meet with Berthuiame Entrepreneurship Center to discuss potential ideas for the new space/hub by 1/16.
  4. Aid the Center in relocation and advertising the new center until opening day in Fall 2017
  5. Help center run a kick-off event Fall 2017

The Mass Music Movement

·     Intro: Mass Music will be an organization that supports and manages young artists, as well as creates a place on campus for students interested in the music industry to expand their network and learn important lessons about the business. The reason why this organization is necessary is because it will give students the opportunity to have real world experience while also giving them the opportunity to network and make connections within UMass, as well as outside the University. 

·     Team Leaders: Steven Bowe, Shamus Hill, Jerry Alonzo, Ikenna Ugwu

·      Goals: Our events will include guest speakers from record companies, radio stations, and other various businesses related to the music industry, as well as concerts and festivals to not only give student artists & musicians a place to perform, but will also give students the opportunity to learn about booking shows and event coordination.  We will work closely with the campus radio station, WMUA to train DJ's and expand the growing level of interest in the field of music. There are courses available that our members will be aware of and advised upon depending on their future goals and aspirations in the music industry. This group is open to all majors and backgrounds.

·      Milestones: After some initial marketing and campaigning to determine the level of interest at UMass, the Team Leaders have been making strides towards establishing the organization before the end of the Fall 2016 Semester. 

·    Collaborations: Mass Music will work with the UIF to promote student engagement and cross college collaborations. There are many different sub-fields in the music industry and the opportunity for young entrepreneurs to create their own innovations is something that we hope students can find at UMass through the UIF & Mass Music programs.

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