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Our strategic priority focus on helping student within the newest opportunity exist in Indonesia. We are focusing on two main big theme for our priority that focusing on mentoring and product building. We plan to execute one major strategy priority every 1 semester which will ended up in 2nd semester next year. Our main theme is based on education topic and leverage student skills. Our priorities will focus on helping student in Universitas Gadjah Mada, and in the first time we are focusing on technology and business focus community. Scaling up this strategic priorities, we will open to all of the students in Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Our Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority 1 [Kampus Merdeka Mentoring : IISMA 2022 ]

For the past year, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology has started to implement Kampus Merdeka with flagship programs such as internship, Indonesia International Student Mobility Awards, and independent study. How might we help students to get the best opportunity from Kampus Merdeka? Our initiative is to create a mentorship program that connects students with other students focusing on the preparation for the selection of the Kampus Merdeka programs, we named it UGM KM Mentorship. UGM KM Mentorship is a 6-week mentorship program to help students prepare for the Kampus Merdeka program by providing a personal mentorship that is conducted four times, time arranged by both mentor & mentee. We hope that by this program, students can prepare themselves to the very best for the selection and make good use of this program to be inspired by the story of their mentors.

Strategic Priority 2 [Kampus Merdeka Mentoring: Magang Merdeka]

Since the pandemic, students have been shifting from offline courses into online courses. Some courses that are conducted for a long duration will leave the students bored. This could lead to students feeling unmotivated to study. However, at the same time, students have to prepare themselves with skills in order to face the career world. How might we help students to explore their abilities before graduating more in a technical way? Our initiative is to create a series of practical workshops to increase the skills needed before graduation, we named it Universitas Gadjah Mada Skills Acceleration Program (UGMSAP). UGMSAP is a 6-week workshop program to accelerate students’ skills regarding a topic of study. The workshop is conducted by speakers from top companies every Saturday for one hour and 30 minutes at 9 AM. Each week will have a case study question to try with. Case study questions are done either individually or as a team. To graduate from this program, students must achieve points of a minimum threshold. The points can be received if the students come during the workshops, finish the case study questions or its project has been selected as the top three. We would say that this program is a combination of boot camps by considering the concept of gamification.

Strategic Priority 3 [Recursion Tech Mentoring Program]

By considering the same problem statement as the second strategic priority, how might we help students to explore their ability in the midst of their busyness? We decided to create a program in which the students will build a project with classmates or college friends and apply the theory taught to it, we named it UGM Project Program. UGM Project Program is A 18-weeks project program to train students' skills in working in teams and practice each other's skills based on their roles in the team. The program will be guided by experienced UGM Students and Companies to work on projects to solve problems based on the given theme. Each week there will be a weekly meeting for each team with their mentor to discuss project progress and issues facing the team. Successful projects can be published to the wider community and increase the student portfolio and the program is able to be converted into academic credits.

Strategic Priority 4 [Instagram @uif.ugm and Recursion Group at Linkedin]

The fourth strategic priority is to provide A place to gather up like-minded individuals that are interested in competitive events. In this community, students can learn information about the upcoming competitive events (Hackathon, business plan competition, etc). Students can find teammates easier (especially from other faculty). Students can also share their brilliant ideas with one another and grow together in a supportive environment.