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PROJECT 1: IESYANA: I&E informationS udaYANA Website

The project is about creating an all in 1 website that containing information for I&E stuff in our college environment. The shared information will be General to all faculty in the campus.

To make sure the program is running, we arranged some key tactics that need to be explained, and that is;

- Explaining the importance of I&E information

- Explaining the benefit of centralized information that make it easier for student to access it

- Then explain that this program gonna increasing awareness about I&E in campus


In this project, we will arrange a roadshow seminar to every faculty that exist in our college. The program itself are aiming the freshmen because they were in a transition period from high school student to university student. This program would shape their mindset about I&E in their early year so they could prepare it really well for the future.

The key things that we arranged to make this program running are by explaining the:

- Importance of early character building in I&E

- I&E mindset revolution

- and Giving them an Innovation Inspiration Session

PROJECT 3: SKUY: Senior Udayana Kumpul Yuk!

SKUY stands for Senior Kumpul Udayana Yuk! which means this program gonna gather our campus alumni and share their experience about life after college because we believe that hearing a testimony from a people whose from your position are one of the best teacher. This program are aiming the sophomore student and alumni to expand their network and widening their knowledge.

Our key tactics to explain this program at stakeholder meeting is:

- give the stakeholder a view that student need a testimony from a people whose from their position and that Alumni has greater insight future career

- this program would increasing relationship and connections for both side

- experience sharing that would be usefull for student

PROJECT 4: MBIG: Merdeka Belajar Information Group

Recently, the minister of Education in Indonesia are launching a program that called "Merdeka Belajar" and this year are the first generation of that program. "Merdeka Belajar" are providing so much benefit for student to prepare their future career either in working at industry on doing Innovation & Entrepreneurship. But it is so hard to being accepted in this program and when you're accepted, there is a lot of administration stuff that needs to be done. So we will create a group that containing the alumni of this program and the student that want to enter this program, so the alumni can guide the new student and giving tips & trick about how to face this program administration and other need.

Because this program is just launched, the key tactics would be:

- the importance of information sharing

- giving tips n trick to pass the selection & administration

- do's & don'ts in the program