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Alumni Speaker Series

Alumni from different colleges at Marquette come to speak to the students about their field and previous experiences at Marquette. Alumni would give a 15-20 minute presentation with room for any questions by students. Following their presentation, students would be able to network with the alumni. 

Shadow Marquette Alumni or Professional Working in Industry of Interest

We will create a program where Marquette students can shadow a professional for a day. Through our research, we found that most undecided students wish they could have a glimpse into a profession of interest to help them decide their major. This program would help students refine their major choices and ultimately, have an idea of what kind of career they want to go into. On top of that, it can help them build their network early on - something that is important. 

Major For a Day 

Once again, we found that a big issue on our campus is that many students who are undecided simply do not know which direction to go in. Fortunately, Marquette offers a plethora of majors and minors, but with that, many students have trouble deciding which one to choose. With the "Major For a Day" program, Marquette students can get a glimpse of what a major would be like. The day long program can be taken over winter or summer break, or on Saturday's during the school year. The students will be able to touch the surface on the different introduction classes that will be taken (because those are the classes that usually weed one out of a major), along with getting to know faculty from the college of interest. There will also be student speakers that will share their experience in the major and why they are happy with their decision. 

Non-Major Advisor

Currently, undecided students meet with an advisor who they will not see again after they have declared their major. This is is a set back for the students because it is harder for them to develop a long lasting relationship with their advisor and have someone they can consistantly go to that knows where they are on their track to graduate. This has caused some students to not graduate on time becuase their new advisor isn't up to date on their requirements. We have proposed a non-major advisor program where a student will be given an advisor who will help the student fill needed requirements and also inform them on different majors that they think will be suitable for them based on their performance in class. Once the student has decided their major, the advisor will connect them with a permanent advisor and make sure there is a system/database in place that can help the new advisor pick up where the old advisor left off. These advisors will stay in touch. 

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