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Fall 2016

Spring 2016

Spring 2017

Student Outreach

K-8 Students

  1. Speak with “Girls Who Code” organization to learn more about kickstarting an organization that benefits children
  2. Host an I&E event for local Girl Scouts to gage local I&E interest
  3. Recruit LTU students for trips to local middle school to increase interest in I&E on campus, and in the community
  4. Work with Leadership office on campus to promote Outreach Program as part of LTU Leadership Series
  5. Offer on/off campus events for K-8 students

College Students

  1. Speak with a professor at the university about kickstarting an innovation and entrepreneurship summer camp for LTU students, along with other students at universities
  2. Contact companies near the univerity about the concept of the summer camp and arrange tours at different facilities, aquire funds
  3. Raise awareness of the summer camp at LTU, and contact other univeristies to help recruit students to participate
  4. Plan out a schedule with different I&E challenges that the students will be given throughout the week along with the different tours they will be taken on
  5. Host a I&E summer camp that lasts for one week which inspires collaboration and the I&E mindset with LTU students and students from other universities around the country at Lawrence Tech's Campus, providing housing to those who need it for the week

Expanding our Social Media Platforms

  1. Establish an EMpwr group on all major social media platforms. (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc)
  2. Keep students informed about various activities and events being held around campus
  3. Continue to release event information via the LTU Student Newsletter
  4. Increase EMpwr awarness by marketing through our social media platforms

Maker Space Lab


  1. Reach out to companies for sponsorship
  2. Reach out to professors for permission to visit freshman classes
  3. Purchase the cart
  4. Purchase the materials to fill the cart
  5. Set up times with professors to visit freshman classes with the cart
  6. Show administration why the cart is important
  7. Propose to administration to get area in the new building for a makerspace
  8. Get sponsorship and funding for materials for the makerspace

Maker Spaces

  1. Create a list of materials desired to establish the ideal leadership maker space
  2. Get sponsorship and funding to cover the cost of materials
  3. Purchase materials and begin transforming ordinary spaces into I&E maker spaces around the univeristy for students to utilize
  4. Host tours around campus showing students the different maker spaces availble to them
  5. Run I&E events in the maker spaces for students to unleash and inspire the I&E mindset

Year-long Innovation Series

  1. Reach out to professors for speaker contacts
  2. Utilize contacts from professors to offer a “Dine with an Entrepreneur” event
  3. Offer I&E Weekly challenges to LTU Students
  4. Monthly entrepreneurship lectures open to Lawrence Tech students, and the Southfield Community
  5. Monthly Innovation workshops with LTU students, professors, engineers and entrepreneurs
  6. Create a full scale “Devil tank” event for an entire semester, with event outcome being an internship for the winning participants

Leadership Program Amendments

  1. Increase interdisciplinary collaboration using existing Leadership courses
  2. Continue working with non-profits, with more design-oriented thinking rather than simple volunteerism
  3. Change Capstone Project to create a tangible project/benefit provided for a non-profit organization(s)

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