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Project Recommendations for Kent State University


Permanent Maker Space

Currently, Kent States new maker space is just temporary.  To make sure we build a temporary one, the next steps are crucial…


1.     We need to prove that it works and people are using the space

2.     Success stories

3.     Cross department cooperation

4.     All department should have “skin in the game”

5.     Beverly Warren needs to be onboard for the permanent maker space


Innovation Connection Network


Students at Kent State are disconnected. Especially with the projects they are working on.  We want to create a system to connect students working on projects and give them opportunities to work with each other to create.


1.     Be supported by 1 department at Kent

2.     Get permission to use a URL connected to Kents main site

3.     Convince LaunchNET to let us use the department as an extension to our network

4.     Obtain a minimal amount of funding for site support and development

5.     Cross department promotion, also a great tool to get people collaborating in the makerspace




Unfortunately, Kent’s engineering department is lacking.  Currently we have Aeronautics Engineering and and the College of Applied Engineering.  We need more!


1.     One obstacle we need to get around is space, another building would be extremely beneficial

2.     Currently, Cleveland State is taking all of Kent’s potential engineering business.  We need to prove the need and how we can obtain those students planning to attend other schools.

3.     Look to other schools as examples in starting a wide range of engineering programs here at Kent.


Business Incubator


Currently, although LaunchNET is an extremely valuable resource, it could be a lot more. 


1.     LaunchNET has the opportunity to grow into an incubator

2.     Once we can prove that viable products and businesses are coming out of LaunchNET, we can get investors involved.

3.     Creating a fund with local investors using our current resources would give them a first look and opportunity to invest in businesses coming out of Kent State University.

4.     We would need a larger space to give students a place to work and meet up. With the MakerSpace in the works, we are one step closer to making this happen.

5.     Getting Beverly Warren involved would be a must since she is the deciding factor on all big decisions. But once she sees the benefits of the university itself investing in start-ups, she can see the financial potential. 

 Introducing Entrepreneurship into all Departments


Entrepreneurs can come from anywhere with any type of background.  Just offering it in the business department and excluding it from the rest of the school is wrong.


1.     There should be at least one entrepreneurship type of class offered in each school to go along with that subject. 

2.     We would need to make sure it fits the Core Curriculum Program Statement for each school

3.     Meets the characteristics of Core Curriculum courses in terms of prerequisites, frequency of offering, and academic level.

4.     Address all learning outcome: Why it is beneficial and the reason it needs to be introduced into each department.

5.     Provides students with an opportunity to learn in a way not already offered in their current curriculum.