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ITHB Fall 2021 Cohort Priorities

Why Networking is Important

Improving the Networking and Collaboration with non-profit organization

In our university, there are a lot of potential students that can be a leader in the future. Unfortunately, they have difficulties while they are trying to plan their career's journey. They don't have a place or community that can accommodate them to arrange their professional career. Here we want to create a career community as a place for them to get a career mentoring session from the industry professionals. By creating this project, it will give us several benefits. First, Increase competitiveness with foreign graduates.

Second, Increase networking with industry professionals in various industrial fields such as FMCG, Consulting, Start-up, etc.

Third, Increase the confidence of ITHB students in building careers and career networking by getting their dream job.

Forth, Get community support with industry professionals in the career field.

And last, adding student portfolios for the needs of the professional world.

Improving the Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Students Business Unit

This idea came from our campus situation. Our campus have a few business unit until we create this project. We have two programs that created incredible business idea but no one was applied and became a new business. We analyzed some of the reason why our campus only have a few business unit and the biggest problem is we didn’t have a place or community which facilitate and help them how to run a business or plan a startup.

So, we decided to create a community for business. This community will help students and lecturer realize their business idea. We will facilitate them to finalize idea,  create great proposal, and connect to angel investor to gain funding for their businesses. Beside that, we can collaborate with the first project for giving mentorship from industry and experts. For students who not have business idea, they can learn new things also from this community.

We hope this project can improve students business skills and increase self confidence to run a business. Students can learn business skills and realize it is a part of investment skills for their future. For students who not have business idea, they can learn new skills outside campus daily activity and helping students who have business idea. And for campus, we can gain a new collaboration with business community outside campus and increase campus connection with angel investor and business community.