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Galgotias University Campus is very vibrant in terms of students but when it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation we have lot more to develop. The problem here lies with the students is that they are not aware of their interest and their passion. Thus We need to develop such environment that student can know about their interest and excel apart from the academics.

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Strategies for Expansion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Campus

Strategy 1: Workshops on latest and new technologies 

Strategy 2: Workshops dedicated to design thinking

Strategy 3: Innovation Retreat

Strategy 4: Events and Hackathons 

After creating an amazing collaborative space on campus, there will be plenty of opportunities to host events focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. These events will focus on creating excitement about the new initiatives on campus and recruit motivated students for the new I&E.  Here are the names of few events that can be held : 

Workshops  - We can organize workshops on various technology and stuffs to introduce the beginner about that and help in getting started.

Hackathon  -  Hackathons are the overnight coding events with lots of fun and tech where developers and designers get together to form some amazing products and pitch their products to judges, compete and run. Hackathon is the best to get started and build a project into the startup.

Startup  Conclave - To promote entrepreneurship on campus we can host startup conclave.

Design Thinking Workshop - We can provide design thinking workshop on a college campus to improve the brainstorming power among student. It is an opportunity for students to understand the steps to brainstorm and prototyping an idea.

Strategy 5: Incubator

Various student projects which are innovative are funded by the college and the state government as well. This instils the students with confidence to be the future entrepreneur

Completed Strategies

We have organised successfully a series of workshop for latest technologies to encourage students to get involved more and more

We have also organised a workshop at our institute on 3-4 Feb 2018 

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