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Project #1: DINter-national :

Person in Charge: Kevin Maulana Afriyanto

Project Details

Our university in Universitas Dian Nuswantoro has an institution that takes care of business for an international business like student exchange or builds a relationship with a university or industry from another country named KUI (Kantor Urusan Internasional). But after having a meeting with another student, my team and I realized that not many students know about the existence of that institution, and after discussing with our team and analyzing their social media, the institution itself still lacks the effort to share the information with all of the students.

The name of the project that will solve this problem is DINter-national. The purpose of this is to create a bridge of information from KUI to all of the students because we have a meeting with the institution and we get the insight that KUI really has a lot of information that is very useful for the student. And also DINter-national not just creates a bridge of information from KUI but, DINter-national also will create a connection to institutions from overseas and share information about student exchange outside of KUI institution.

Project #2: Dinushare :

Person in Charge: Yunia Nur Anisa

Project Details

After conducting interviews with some students about their experiences at school, we heard some complaints or concerns. For instance, on our campus there is no connection between students and alumni, there is no platform that functions to connect the students with each other, and information is still not widely disseminated to all students. We make these complaints as hypotheses and assumptions that we test to produce a prototype problem-solving project. The name of the project is Dinushare which is a Discord platform where student with students or lecturers with students or students with alumni can interact with one another. On this Discord platform, there will be several channels from each faculty at our university and we can share the latest information. There is also a channel that groups them based on their abilities and interests in their fields. At Dinushare, students can search for team members based on their abilities to participate in competitions. In addition, they can discuss school assignments that they do not understand. They can also discuss their future career with alumni who have worked in the industry.

Project #3: DINtern :

Person in Charge: Catur Silviana Rustanto

Project Details

At Dian Nuswantoro University, an internship is part of the curriculum that is required for all students. As final year students ourselves, we feel the difficulties of finding an internship. After discussing with several other final year students, our team found this an interesting problem to solve.

After doing research and collecting data, we found several facts:

  • Difficulties in finding internships due to the limited number of institution slots for internships.
  • Delay in obtaining information regarding the internships in an institution.
  • Limited access to the internship information.

To solve this problem, our team created a platform called DINtern which aims to be a forum for sharing information about internships between students-students, lecturers-students, or official internship information from the university.

The key results from this platform :

  • More updated information about internships that can be shared, because the disseminator of information can be a student, lecturer or the university.
  • Open access information to all UDINUS students.
  • An active flow of information were the questions that related to an internship, fellow students can help answer without having to wait for a response from the information disseminator.
  • University can more easily classify their students' internship interests and their career plans.

Project #4: DTC(Dinus Training Course) :

Person in Charge: Rosa Paramitha

Project Details

The program that we will create is called Dinus Training Course (DTC). Where this program aims to improve the quality of the curriculum at Dian Nuswantoro University. With a series of events, there are material exposures, workshops, up to the final certification which is carried out after the workshop which will be obtained by students. This program has a scope with the target of active students at Dian Nuswantoro University who have an interest in certain subjects.

Our program is expected to help solve the problems experienced by students. The problem is that the curriculum taught on campus is still not up to date compared to other universities. This program is expected to improve the quality of education and the quality of students at Dian Nuswantoro University.