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California State University, Northridge is a vibrant, diverse university community of 38,310 students and more than 4,000 faculty and staff, sited on a 356-acre campus in the heart of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. As you explore the university's web site, you will find ample evidence of Cal State Northridge's commitment to the educational and professional goals of students, and its extensive service to the community.

Goal : Establishing I&E Culture into Northridge

Following are variety of strategies that will fully address our goal over a 1-3 year period:

Strategy #1: Unifying Resource Centers across campus, combining forces, bringing more awareness and developing a stronger Entrepreneurial and Innovative Mindset at CSUN.  

  • Description:Bringing awareness to students from multidisciplinary background across campus on the currently available resources and making it more accessible and around the campus. By integrating the current resources and making them more accessible to anyone who is interested in innovating or becoming an entrepreneur. Having these centers more active and working in combination with mentors/professors who would help by guiding the student on the right steps, having events, reach out more students using all available media resources on campus and overall exposing our resources. Mentors will address assistance by teaching valuable stories and personal lessons.By combining forces with the Ernie Schaeffer Center, the Wells Fargo Center for Small Business and Entrepreneurship and The LA Cleantech Incubator @CSUN better results could be achieved.  
  • Team Leaders: Daniel Aguiar and Diego Vilchez
  • Milestones
  1. Reaching out to the Center Directors Spring 2015
  2. Setting a mutual strategy Summer 2015
  3. Putting Strategies in Practice Fall 2015

Creating a cross platform social media for outreach Fall 2015

  1. Sending out biweekly or monthly updates on the events/workshops to everyone who is interested Fall 2015

Strategy #2: Creating & Designing a Maker Space

  • DescriptionHaving a big room and large capacity for people to be creative within their own imagination. This room would contain modern machines that relate to additive & subtracting manufacturing, arduino software for programming, and 3D software.
  • Team Leaders: Daniel Aguiar and Diego Vilchez
  • Milestones: 
  1. ​'Discussing 'idea with chair, dean, and other entities where we can all brainstorm and agree on a few things; April 2015
  2. Pitch out our ideas and objectives of this "Makers Space" to the entities; June 2015 
  3. Implementing a location, designing a 3D model of it, and knowing the capacity of this room; December 2015
  4. Having a cost analysis of this room to show all entities; January 2016
  5. Taking a survey of all students to know their input on the Maker Space and whether or not they will benefit from it; January 2016
  6. Selecting the machines, software, and installation desks where it would be feasible and accessible for all students with instruction lessons; March 2016

Strategy #3: Student Entrepreneurial Collaborative

  • DescriptionThe purpose of the Student Entrepreneruial Collaborative is to fill a need that has made itself more and more apparent on campus: the need for direction and self sufficency. Often students find themselves struggling to decide what they are going to do after they graduate, where they are going to work, how they will stand out to employers, and how they are going to pay their student loans.
        However, they often forget to ask the most important question, "What do I want to do?". At the SEC we believe this is the only question you have to answer, because once you discover what it is you truly enjoy and are passionate about you will begin to have a career instead of a job. Hard work stops being hard and starts being envirogating, you wake up in the morning excited to tackle new challenges, and the pay check you recieve at the end becomes secondary to the feeling of accomplishment you recieve at the end of everyday.
  • Team Leaders: Rene Sanchez, Arman Aivazian, Alec LeDoux
  • Milestones: 
  1. Established club
  2. Hosted first business compeittino
  3. Parterned with CSUN Business Honors Porgram
  4. Parterned with LACI@CSUN (Los Angeles Cleanteach Incubator)
  5. Parterned with META+Lab (Matador Emerging Technology and Arts Lab) and VISCOM (Visual Communications)

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