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Team Awareness works on strategies to reach other students with the message that Innovation and Entrepreneurship are important activities to engage in while at college. Expanding one's entrepreneurial mindset allows students to explore their creative and innovative potential, work on projects that acheive social impact, build one's project/resume portfolio and cultivates the skill sets that contribute to one's future employer, be it a business or non-profit setting.

Standing Meeting Time

The Team meeting is organized bi-weekly.

Regular Meeting Time:

 Wednesdays 7PM EST (4PM PST)

Next meeting:


Team Members


  • Events That Inspire
  • Courses
  • How-to Workshops

Meeting Notes and Shared Resources

Wednesday October 30, 2013

Meeting Format: Brainstorm projects and ideas with Team Members. Discuss challenges faced and possible solutions.

Team Discussion

Topic 1

What is the format of our get-together. Does each person report out on their most important project in this Strategy? Or, does each member use the opportunity to highlight their struggles and ask for advice?

Member Response Comments
  • Most helpful to see successful examples of programs, entrepreneurial tour of the area
  • See what successful incubators and taking advantage of what resources present such as:On campus Groups & Classes--- take advantage of network of students and professors in the community
  • Emphasize the success in the community.
  • Sustainability + Community + Entrepreneurship =Success!
  • Speaker Series-Successful entrepreneurs share “horror” stories and various aspects of success in the Entrepreneurial pursuit
  • Give speakers direction- narrow the topic and answer questions students would have
  • Have a facilitator. Get graduate students involved. Use the resources readily available.
  • When people see the good that the I&E world in action they become inspired
  • Programs help professionally and help the innovators help others. Suggestion for spreading this message: shadows, tours anything that lets people get directly into the action.
  • One of the coolest things is that it's like a flywheel - a feedback loop which goes on and on forever - between successful student examples and cultural ignition.
  • Building awareness and changing culture are interesting challenges because we can attack them at multiple levels: we can start with direct awareness and advertisement, but we can also feed the culture indirectly by bolstering later-stage resources.
  • Ultimate Trader Challenge etc to inspire I&E in community.
  • Some of the things missing are workshops so not much that students can do as far as workshops to do. There’s no way to get experience out there. She is working to build a website to increase communication between students, alumni, local entrepreneurs to get people pumped up for entrepreneurship.
  • Leverage the infrastructure and bring people together
  • Proposing a weekly event to bring people together to share ideas and create synergy.
  • If clubs work together and cooperate they can do more work and more good combined.
  • Focus on Compile Resources.
  • Also wants to establish a 'Maker's Space" on campus. Allow for multidisciplinary thinking.
  • looking into designing an interactive map of resources on campus and where to find them.

see, one of the resources for A&M (Graham)

  • Encourage current entrepreneurship clubs, activities, and entrepreneurship center to pursue social impact ventures.
  • Give opportunites for students to develop thier social impact ideas in a competition or grant.

Topic 2

Are their any sub-groups that should form to advance specific interests ex: holding a TEDx, championing changes to IP policy, etc.?

Sub-group Assignment
Sub-group Name Group Member Comments
IP Policy Brittany

IP Policy -- Great suggestions from everyone about the differences in policy from campus to campus. Really pushed the idea of transparency in IP


Interested in Presentations on Patents (possible collaboration with Brittany) and Workshops for SEED Grant Funding

TEDx Events
  • Yifan
  • Mridul
  • Jennifer
  • Ellery
  • Graham
  • Jennifer has been a speaker
  • Graham is helping to aggressively launch a TEDx this semester in A&M community
Social Impact
  • Jennifer
  • Brittany
  • Nolan
  • Katelyn
  • Jennifer is interested in Social Impact
  • Katelyn wants to offer a class in it)
Student Organization Graham

Graham is forming a student organization on campus to divide and conquer to find departmental gaps and fill them with UIF resources (hard to tackle 55k students without help)

Topic 3

Identify any special guests, speakers or resources you would like to invite to future meetings.

  • Spud Marshall and Christian: Co.Space founder ( Super awesome people to talk to!
  • Fletcher Richman: Co-founder of SparkBoulder, incubator space in University of Colorado. Graham was one of the first clients of his campus incubator and is familiar with the board and those responsible for launching
  • Amber Case: Cyborg Bootcamp for social entrepreneurship

Topic 4

How frequently does this group meet and what is its regular meeting date/time (including the very next meeting time scheduled)? Once every two weeks - Around 7 pm EST (4 pm PST)
Doodle poll to pick day of the week and then time on that day aiming for evening.

Topic 5

Who does the group elect to serve as the team-leaders (recommend 2)?

  • Yifan
  • Brittany

Topic 6

Do you want Humera to attend any of these sessions? Every other one? Or, on a case-by-case basis?
Answer: Case-by-case

Wednesday November 13, 2013