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SOCAP or Social Capital Markets, is a world renowned conference series that is dedicated to increasing the flow of capital towards social good. SOCAP can do this through connecting leading global innovators with resources including investors, foundations, institutions and social entrepreneurs in order to create a market that intersects money with meaning.  SOCAP strives to direct power and efficiency of market systems towards teams that work on projects of social impact. SOCAP comes in to support the growth of this market. SOCAP has been the world's most successful social enterprise and impact investing event, and has brought together more than 5,000 people since its inaguration in 2008. The organization operates out of the Impact Hub Bay Area, a co-working space and changemakier community based in San Francisco. Every year SOCAP hosts a conference in San Fransisco in the Fall and a new city every Spring. The conference series hopes to grow in the future in order to reach more people and more opportunities for success. 


SOCAP aims to increase awareness of social enterprise and impact investing of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. They believe they can do this through media and content generation, live streaming of conference sessions and a substantial network of media and distribution partners. This becomes an excellent platform for partners and sponsors to align their values and missions at the very heart of the social enterprise movement. The SOCAP conference allows for so many opportunities of sponsorship and annual or multi year engagements. 


SOCAP17 took place October 9th-October 13 in San Fransciso and welcomed many participants. The cohort was a gathering of all sorts of people, specifically individuals who were ready to take on real problems that needed immediate action for a better world. In 2017 SOCAP continued their mission to invest with the purpose of doing good.  At SOCAP conferences there is a singular mission to build strong connections! Countless connections must happen to build a stable and good economy that everyone knows is possible: an influential mentor to an entrepreneur, an aligned investor to a cirtical intermediary. In order to make connections there is the face to face factor that happens at SOCAP. This helps accelerate your connections to the things and people that matter most. At conferences there becomes a huge community of volunteers to connect with and then there is the global online community which includes twitter, facebook, instagram, LinkedIn. 


 Every year, SOCAP conference has themes that help drive content. In 2017 the themes that were included were Impact Investing, Meaning, Climate Change, Sustainable Livelihoods, Neighborhood Economics, Education, Racial Equality. Looking closely at the theme of education, the focus was on promoting quality education to stimulate economic growth so people can help each other. . SOCAP's focus was going into education in a way to build greater bonds between employers and the educational system

Organizations in Attendance 

Structure of the Conference 

The conference lasts from approximately 5 days(Monday-Friday) is broken down into a schedule of various sessions that include talks from a large range of people, ranging from CEOs, executives and developers. Each Session is about 1 hr 15 min long with different speakers ranging from different focuses that relate to the themes for that specific years conference.

How to Attend 

Tickets for 2018 can be purchased for the event online, through the SOCAP website; The meeting is open to anyone who wishes to register and attend however it is money best spent for investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, civic leaders, and innovations who believe in mobilizing resources and capital for good.  


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