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Saleh Mohamed

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Saleh Mohamed is currently a University Innovation Fellow  from Western Michigan University(WMU) in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Saleh is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. His favorite sport is soccer and his favorite soccer blub is Barcelona and hopes to go see a live game on day in their home stadium. Also, Saleh would love to attend a World Cup match sometime in the near future. 

Currently, Saleh works on his campus at the Career and Student Employment Services in which he helps do presentations about career related questions, potential career outcomes, and even answer any questions about student services on campus. Within the job/campus, it helps Saleh reach a multitude of different students to further help create the change on campus.

Originally, Saleh lived in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates but moved to the United States in the summer of 2011. In the summer of 2017 and 2018,  Saleh worked for Dart Container Corporation in Mason, Michigan and learned a great amount about design and how to measure quality of products. He hopes one day to work for a major company after graduating college and help be part of startup idea that helps a widerange of students/people. In Saleh's freetime, he loves to volunteer his time with different members of his community and like to 

Saleh is an active member of Innovation Club and currently serves on the executive board as the Director of Facilities  in which he helps with the schedule and resources of the makerspace available on campus. Initally, Saleh served as an involvement coordinator for Engineers Without Borders(EWB) in which he helped recruitment many potential members to the organization. Now, Saleh serves as the treasurer for Engineers Without Borders in which he helps out in writing project grants, and balancing the budget.  Saleh is always looking to get underclassmen more involved in activities around campus/student organizations. Over the course of the week, Saleh is always trying to find ways to serve his local community and school community by finding more things to do around campus. 

Saleh is very passionate about community service and more recently finding ways he can integrate the idea of sustainability in his everyday projects. He tries to maximize the resources available on his campus and is always finding ways to use technology to further sustainability. If you have any cool ideas that you would like to share, you can reach him at


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