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Jill Puckett

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Jill Puckett is a current University Innovation Fellow from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She is a senior majoring in Advertising
and Promotion in the Haworth College of Business with minors in General Business and Gender and Women's Studies. Jill is originally from Marshall, Michigan, but is enjoying her time in Kalamazoo as a student. Jill currently works as an office assistant in the Office of the Vice President for Research at Western Michigan University. During summer 2017, Jill worked as the Marketing Capabilities and Strategies Intern at Amway in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jill plans to graduate in spring 2018 and move on to grad school to earn her Masters in Market Research before starting her career.

Jill is an active member of both AdClub and the Innovation Club at Western Michigan University. In AdClub, she holds the position of President where she works to introduce students to the advertising major, careers, and opportunities. In the Innovation Club, Jill fills the role of Marketing Coordinator in which she helps create promotions for the club as well as assists in event planning and execution. The Innovation Club is a student group on WMU's campus dedicated to getting students involved in their own learning as well as providing a makerspace on campus. Though the club is new and ever-changing, Jill is excited to be involved in an opportunity that connects students with resources and people that can help them achieve success.

In addition to being a part of AdClub and the Innovation Club, Jill is also a member of the Lee Honor's College and the Student Co-Facilitator for the Phoenix Program of the Haworth College of Business. Through the Lee Honors College, Jill has been able to take small honors classes, volunteer, and go on small day trips aimed at giving students opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. In addition, during her freshman year, she was able to take a Study in the States course in which she travelled to Detroit, MI; Grand Rapids, MI; Chicago, IL; Boulder, CO; and Austin, TX to study entrepreneurship and start-up culture in thriving start-up cities.

For the Phoenix Program, Jill works diligently to help facilitate a peer mentorship program for students who are on academic probation in the Haworth College of Business. Included in this work is training mentors, mentoring students, creating curriculum for the Phoenix class, and working on College 101 days in which at-risk high school students are brought on campus and shown how they can succeed in higher education. Jill's favorite part of working in the Phoenix Program has been getting through to struggling students to show them that they can be successful in academia.

In her free time, Jill loves to be outside - whether it be skiing, rollerblading, or golfing - and to spend time with friends and family. She also loves to travel, especially taking road trips with friends to new places. In addition, she is an animal lover and can often be found snuggling with her two cats, Roxy and Steve.

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