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Nathan LaWarre

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Serving as UIF Since: Spring 2017
School: Western Michigan University
What he does now: Founder/Facilities Director, Innovation club at WMU
What that means: Founded WMUs first makerspace and now oversees its spaces, volunteer force, and budget.

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Contact him about: Student run Makerspaces, Makerspace startups, design thinking workshops, recruiting new fellows at your school, emotional support, or literally anything to do with food   
Phone: (616) 902-8802

Nathan LaWarre is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergrad at Western Michigan University. He is majoring in computer engineering with a minors in computer science, math, and environmental studies and sustainability. Nathan is originally from Grand Rapids, MI, but moved to Kalamazoo, MI, in 2015 to attend college. He currently works as a tutor in the Student Success Center at WMU and as a firmware design intern at Amway. Nathan hopes to one day work in the firmware/software design industry helping those in need live easier, happier lives.

Nathan is an active member of the sunseeker team at WMU which is a team of students that come together to build a solar powered race car. Through this club he has learned how to solder and incase solar panels, work with PCB boards, and work within a team. Nathan is also on the executive board and founder of the Innovation club at WMU. The innovation club strives to get students excited about learning and giving hands on experience. They have created a makerspace for students as well as a fund that alleviates the financial burden of projects for students. He has helped to create a design thinking workshop for incomming freshman that which is taught in many entry level courses. Nathan is also apart of the math club and financial board at his church. He volunteers with Disabeled Students Services on his campus, driving physically disabled students from class to class. He also volunteers with Drive Safe Kalamazoo, giving safe rides home to students on the weekends. Nathan is also a memeber of the Lee Honors College at WMU. Outside of school he enjoys creating lasting relationships, being with friends, and experimenting with arduino. Nathan has two younger sisters in high school, four dogs, and two cats, which were all left at his parents house (thank goodness).

Nathan has always been very passionate about leadership and communication. He strives to merge these passions with his interest in helping others to better the lives of people around the world through technology. Nathan plans to do this through the Innovation Club on his campus, holding speakers, siminars, workshops, and pop-up classes. UIF has been a key part in furthering his goals.

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