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Giddy is a company that offers its services through both the IOS and Android app stores. The app allows users to accept requests offered by businesses to receive payment in exchange for that work. The company is still rather young and as of January, 2018, the average rating of its app is about 91% positive between both platforms. While the apple app store statistics are masked, the google play app store reports about 5,000 downloads so far. The app allows for both email account sign ups and facebook integration.

Companies like General Electric for example will post a challenge to the app with monetary prizes available for the top 3 responses and a 4th in the form of a Community Favorite. Challenges are typically problems that the company itself faces that accepts solutions from users. Users are encouraged to come up with innovative designs for their solutions.


"We are connecting creators and brands to propel great ideas to life." Giddy encourages individuals of different skillsets and experiences to pursue goals that are both unique to them and beneficial to a wide demographic. Giddy intends to act as a portfolio of these goals, and provide individuals with the momentum they need to do what they love, as well as reward individuals for their creative and hard-working initiatives. Giddy also intends to act as a platform for recognition, where personally-fulfilling projects can also be viewed by hundreds of brands as well as one's peers. 

Distinct Differences From Other Offerings

There are many companies in existence today that offer to be the catalyst or connection between the company and the user. An example of this is Fiverr, which connects users to each other to complete work starting at $5. Giddy is unique in that it offers a cash prize only to the top submissions selected by the company, rather than having users contract one another like Fiverr. 

Impact Achieved For Students and Campus

It could be incredibly beneficial to a student or a team of student's list of accomplishments to have successfully placed in the top 3 or Community Favorite position for a Giddy challenge. These are competetive challenges and students will have to overcome the other product designers and entrepreneurs trying to out-innovate one another. A club dedicated to winning Giddy challenges could also potentially aquire some degree of fame if they could win multiple challenges per year. It could display to the outside world that the community within the campus is comprised of innovative and driven individuals. 

Notes About How This Resource is Deployed

Giddy can be readily accessed by any individual or organization by downloading the "Giddy" app on an IOS or Android device. No additional operations or temporal requirements are required for use, and individuals do not have to undergo any kind of interviewing in order to gain access. Upon downloading the app, one has immediate access to all challenges, latest entries, and an entire community of creators.The app keeps track of one's personal challenges and connections.

Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus

The "Giddy" app can be brought to campus in a variety of different ways, all of which involve influencing student participants to download the app on their own devices. Although Giddy can be used within groups, it is steered towards the individual, making it important for each on-campus participant to cultivate their own creative skillset in addition to contributing to a broader, campus-wide purpose.

A broad campus initiative, such as a seminar or student-run workshop, would be helpful in explaining how various majors can be augmented through the challenges and oppertunities made possible by Giddy. These workships would also be helpful in supporting student groups of any size to utilize the app and collaborate on challanges as a team. 

Contact Information

The "Giddy" app is available to be downloaded for IOS or Android. On the website one also has the opportunity to subscrible to an e-mail newsletter to keep them informed on the latest news and opportunities offered by Giddy. 

The action of reporting an issue or providing feedback can be fulfilled through the app as well. This option can be found in the app under Settings > report an issue, give feedback. Accounts can also be deleted at any time. 



Samantha Kruzshak