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Yujia Zhou is a University Innovation Fellow at the University of Miami majoring in Neuroscience and Chemistry, with a minor in Classics. Born in China and raised in various nooks and crannies of the world, his ambition to help his countrymen led him to the crossroads between research and medicine.

To this end, Yujia has devoted his curriculum to the natural sciences and invested countless hours into a Shimadzu 1800 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer. This time allowed him to fully formulate his vision of the future: one where a detailed understanding of molecular interactions and accurate mathematical models combine to elevate technology beyond trial and error. By delicately applying empirical knowledge, mankind can exert complete control over his environment while remaining in harmony with the physical laws of the universe. He has recieved the Barry Goldwater Scholarship for his labor and dedication, which according to his professor is the highest honor an undergraduate can dream of. Other accolades include the Beyond the Book Scholarship and the friendship of his peers (Nicholas Meury, Naveen Kumaran, and Fred Etingen).

Beyond self aggrandizing, he is dutifully active in his community and the nearby University campus. Yujia leads a biweekly bicycle repair workshop with the University Bicycle Club (founded by fellow UIF Allen Liu), aiming to increase bicycle-literacy among students and decrease the carbon footprint of college students. He also volunteers at the Floridean Nursing Home and at Baptist Hospital weekly, aiming to improve both the health and happiness of his friends there. To him, it is an honor to be accepted as a caretaker of patients in need of care and a great pleasure to care for people who accept him as he is. In the coming years, Yujia hopes to be accepted into medical school with an MCAT score at the bottom left of the normal curve.