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Yishan (Nicole) Wang is an undergraduate student studying Philosophy at Peking University. She is especially interested in political philosophy and logics. Yishan grows up in a family where her interests are valued and her experiments are encouraged. She has gone to the US as an exchange student for a whole semester at the age of 15, where she lived with a lovely local family. Backing to school, she joined the mathematics club and won first prize in national mathematic competition. She is also a big fan of musicals and contemporary arts in which she has invested her time.

At Peking University, Yishan is involved in the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Student Body. She helped organize activities such as "Start-ups Visiting Day" for more students to learn about entrepreneurship. In addition, she works closely with school’s Innovation workshop “Geeklab” to conduct student-oriented innovation activities.

There has always been an entrepreneurial spirit in Yishan since a young age. She established an student company designing souvenirs based on school culture in high school, in which she found how impactful a students could. Currently, Yishan is an intern at a venture capital company where she’s engaging in many innovative activities happening in China. She believes that a good I&E system can bring out the most of the students' potentials. And she want to be someone who connect the I&E resources and spread I&E value.

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