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Yasmin Gomez is currently a first generation freshmen at Menlo College in Atherton, California as a Marketing Major. Originally born in Michoacan, Mexico, Yasmin has been raised her whole life in San Jose, California.  As a Latina and young mother, she is driven by the American Dream to break stereotypes and inspire others to pursue their dreams and contribute to the change they wish to see.

Her passion includes working with immigrants and minorities to help them reach resources needed for their future success and promoting education as well as using her YouTube channel to inspire others by using her own life as an example. 


She is currently employed at the Hospitality Department of Presentation Center, a Non-Profit Business, who serves to people of all faiths and through that she has developed her dream of marketing her own social organization.

As a University Fellow she hopes to bring more opportunities for disadvantaged communities on her campus.


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