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Hi! My name is Vinny Sabo, and I am a senior Chemical Engineering student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. I hope to start my career by working in the biofuels industry or in energy management. I am very much interested in sustainable development as a society in terms of energy production, resource management, and food production. It is the education of and advocacy for these environmentally conscious principles that will change the way we look at life on this planet. During my past 3 years in school, I have learned the great importance of project-based learning through experiences I've had in certain courses but also experiences I have missed out on. Project-based learning is a process that teaches critical problem solving without the fear of failure and with the focus on a creating value in a product. In a world that is moving toward a "gig-based" economy of people moving in and out of different kinds of work, fast paced project development skills and the ability to learn quickly will prove to be critical in training future problem solvers.With these strong feelings in mind, I began working with a group of friends on an idea to bring project-based education to an online setting. We are building our product to attract project enthusiasts and also to promote project work outside of regular coursework. Our application will be a place for professional networking to meet other people interested in similar project work, and it will also be a place to build a portfolio to showcase the project work you complete and the skills you develop. Aside from all of that, I play the drums, cook, explore local food, keep up to date on world news (props to Reddit), talk about hard topics and I have recently taken an interest in Middle Eastern history (past 100 years). 

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