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Viktoriia Sharapova
School (Cohort)
University of Galway (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Commerce, Business


My name is Viktoriia Sharapova, and I'm passionate about learning Chinese, growing my financial knowledge in terms of how money works and various investment methodologies as well as thinking as an entrepreneur, and developing my entrepreneur mindset. I'm currently working as a part of a crew member in a busy restaurant as well as an active Ukrainian to English interpreter with the department of social protection for the Ukraine/Russia war affected refuges where I practice public speaking and deliver the best services and benefits that the department of social protection has to offer these refugees every day on a daily basis.


Boston Scientific Cisco SignifyHealth Enterprise Challenge:

In collaboration with a team of seven students, I successfully addressed a business problem within two months as part of the Boston Scientific Cisco SignifyHealth Enterprise Challenge. My specific role involved conducting financial analyses to determine implementation costs and potential profits. This endeavor was facilitated by utilizing a combination of Canva, Excel, and Figma. Our final pitch was presented to a mentor from SignifyHealth, garnering excellent feedback for the execution and teamwork demonstrated. The project's successful execution underscores its potential for future implementation.

Certificate of Completion - Chinese Bridge Program (Online) at the International Cultural Exchange School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics:

Through participation in the Chinese Bridge Program, an online initiative, I delved into the profound cultural nuances of China. Under the supervision of the Chinese Education Council, I engaged in a month-long immersive learning environment focused on mastering the Chinese language. This experience not only deepened my understanding of Chinese civilization but also highlighted the potential for Chinese to serve as a valuable business language. Consequently, my interest in learning Chinese further expanded.

Certificate of Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK):

During a comprehensive two-month course that involved group-based study and examinations, I acquired the essential communication vocabulary necessary for effective classroom-based learning. Achieving an expert-level competency award upon successfully completing the program, I honed the skill set required to communicate with fellow students, lecturers, and tutors. This course also paved the way for my enrollment in the Chinese Bridge online program.

Translit-Pro 2-Day Training Course: Introduction to Community Interpreting in Ukrainian/English:

Participating in a two-day Translite-Pro training course equipped me with the necessary skills to serve as a professional interpreter, specifically aiding government representatives in matters related to the Ukraine/Russia conflict and the resulting refugee situation. This fulfilling role involved assisting social welfare centres across the nation in resolving diverse challenges for refugees. The experience was particularly rewarding due to its nature, which involved public speaking and contributing to societal welfare.

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