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Victoria Vilaseca
School (Cohort)
Universidad Católica del Uruguay (2022 cohort)
Majoring in


María Victoria Vilaseca is an extremely passionate person, specially about the way life and biology surrounds us and affects us in our everyday lives. She is blown away by how psychology develops, depending on our different backgrounds and the stimulation we receive.

Being these the aspects of life she is more interested in, Victoria is currently studying Psychomotricity in the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Her ultimate dream is to be able to help other people through her knowledge in these areas and make a positive impact in their lives.

Apart from that, Victoria has always been characterized by being deeply sensitive. Since the early years of her life, this has allowed her to enjoy art in a very fluid way, loving the feeling of being on stage dancing, singing and acting. This ability of being in contact with her feelings has also been empowered by endless hours of drawing and painting, which also helps her let those feelings out. All of these qualities help her become a better version of the professional she hopes to be sometime soon.

At the moment, she is contributing to an investigation about Uruguayan children with motor skills disabilities, and plans on taking part in similar activities in the future. Connecting this path with future expertise, Victoria expects to help innovate the techniques used when approaching the area of motor skills.


One of Victoria´s most valued achievements is having performed in front of nearly two thousand people, in the Auditorio Nacional Adela Reta- Sodre. She played a leading role in the musical "Les Miserables", one of her favourites.

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email: toyavila1112@gmail.com

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