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María Noel Ferrer
Universidad Católica del Uruguay (2023 cohort)
Ithaka (I&E Center)


María Noel is a young Master in Management student at UCU Business School who works mainly at the Ithaka Center (the university's entrepreneurship and innovation center).

Her major in Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU) is about communications, being a creative and also analitic woman interested in photography, video editing and innovative and strategic digital content. She is teacher of Digital marketing in the same school, teacher of Social Media in a Design Institution and of the same topics in a program for entrepreneurs.

In the past she was a active volunteer of her middle school, being a educator of childrens and teenangers for 6 years. She also spends her time going to the diferent beachs of Uruguay with her friends.

Nowadays her hobbies are about oil painting, play soccer or practice exercise in her free time. Also she is passionated reading books about self-knowledge, creative tecniques and personal development.

In her future want to improved her knowledge of I&E, improved her english skills and also learn to develop digital products, she would like to learn experience design and interface design.


- Participated in 2019 in a Erasmus+ conference about improve and encourage the student mobility in Latin América universities.

- Become a reference adult for the children and adolescents that I had to accompany during those 6 years.

- Explore multiple roles, companies and tasks in order to learn and develop as a multifaceted professional.

Awards and recognitions:

- Became a teacher of four courses in the University, an Design Institution and a program for entrepreneurs. Being invited to give talks on digital marketing, development of digital projects and solutions, influencer marketing, email marketing, among others.

Social media profiles

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marianoelferrer/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/marianoelferrer

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