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I am Utkarsh, and I am a senior at Georgia Tech. I am majoring in computer science. I have worked on projects in a LOT of fields, simply because I

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am curious and hungry to learn. I have worked in disaster relief, finance, sustainability, robotics, artificial intelligence, early childhood development, medicine, education, nutrition, and augmented reality. I am interested in learning about, and ultimtely solving different problems in various fields; solutions that can have an impact on the lives of others.

I am currently the co-founder of an education technology startup in Atlanta, competing for the $15,000,000 Global Learning Xprize, and am working on a travel concept with my team from an MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp that I was part of, earlier this year. I am also the technical advisor to a startup working on connecting mothers in the United Kingdom, and to another startud in South Africa, bringing mobile medicine solutions to everyone. I am a graduate TA for a machine learning class (I loce working with data and performing all kinds of analyses on it).

I have taken Entrepreneurship classes at Tech and have been exposed to almost all I&E resources no campus, and through the University Innovation Fellows program I wouldl ike to fill in the tiny gaps to make Georgia Tech a more successful entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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