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Tyler Thompson
School (Cohort)
Central Michigan University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Economics, Statistics, and Saxophone Performance
United States


Hey! Nice to meet you.

I'm Tyler, and I promote positive transformation in organizations and communities through education and sustainable change. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and discovered my passion for economic policy and urban economics at an early age.

I am now a junior at Central Michigan University studying Economics, Statistics, and Saxophone Performance. Yes, I know the last one is a little different than the others. I think my interdisciplinary approach reflects my belief in the power of diverse perspectives to tackle our societal and global challenges.

To embrace this belief, I founded TEDxCentral Michigan University to empower student leaders and promote ideas for a better world. As a platform for change-makers, we hosted our first conference this Spring, featuring eight inspiring speakers who explored "The Essence of a Changing World."

When I am not working on these goals, you can often find me holding a saxophone. From jazz to classical, I love the world of sound and getting to collaborate with fellow artists to foster creativity and artistic expression.

As I embark on this year's journey in the program, I am thrilled to connect with new friends who share my passion for making a difference. My goal is to positively impact Central Michigan University's campus and empower my peers while enjoying every moment of the process.

Let's build a better future together and make a lasting mark on our university and the world!


- Founded TEDxCentral Michigan University, leading a 9-member team to deliver a seamless TEDx conference, featuring 8 speakers over a 3-hour, sold-out event.

- MLK Jr. Oratory Contest Finalist: "Building Communities Through Action"

- We the People National Hearings: Member of a 3-person team to the top 20 in the nation (2021). Coached three 4-person teams to rank 1st, 5th, and 12th in the nation (2022 and 2023).

- Centralis Scholar

Social media profiles

Instagram: _.tylerathompson._ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tythompson3/