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Priority 1: Promoting Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2021-2022)  

This priority focused on reaching out to high school students, community college students and Central Michigan University college students. Introducing students to Entrepreneurship & Innovation. The primary goals for the START Lab program, is to introduce entrepreneurship and innovation to high school students and community college students at college fairs interacting and interactive events. At these events, the goal is student engagement to give students an experience to develop a product or a business idea. Through a mini prototype lab in the lab students will have approximately 20 minutes in total to redesign an existing product using basic blueprint and skills and early stage prototyping the participants will have 5 minutes to draw a rough blueprint. Given 10 minutes to build a rough small scale prototype using materials such as: Cardboard and foam. Once the 10 minutes are up each participant group will present their concepts to the audience will receive feedback likes and dislikes of their designs. They will be given another 10 minutes to improve their design using feedback from the audience. After those 10 minutes are up the audience will vote on which idea, they like the most the winning team members will receive a gift card, all participants will receive a participation certificate via email. (The purpose of sending the certificate through emails is to gain contact information to send more information about the Entrepreneurship program and other programs that Central Michigan University offers.) Students will be given information about innovation challenge week to sign up or at Central Michigan University. The goal of this is to help increase enrollment at Central Michigan University.  

Priority 2: Innovation Challenge Lab (2021-2022)  

Priority two consists of 5-day innovation challenge at Central Michigan University. This challenge will focus on introducing innovation and entrepreneurship to students who are trying to figure out what they want their major to be in college. This includes everything from high school junior and senior level students. And community college students looking at four-year institutions, along with Central Michigan University Freshman and Sophomores that have not decided on a major yet. Each day of the challenge will focus on a different step of developing a product or business idea. At the end of the innovation challenge there will be a competition with cash and scholarship prizes to winning participants.  

Additional Information: (2021-2022)  

Central Michigan University is in need a little push towards the communal adoption of I&E. To other areas on campus besides The Entrepreneurship Institute our goal is to expand innovation and entrepreneurship to other colleges on our campus. Allowing different colleges to interrelate with each other and build off each other's strengths. The Entrepreneurship department is hosting NVC (New Venture Competition) workshops for Central Michigan University students from different departments and the CMU Community to help further student's successes achieving to start their businesses and win prize from angel investors. The MEV program stands for Masters of Entrepreneurial Ventures turns big ideas into successful ventures, in the MEV program undergraduate & graduate students have the luxury of being able to receive both their undergraduate and graduate degree in four years depending on student's road map to graduate.