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My full name is Tou Jim Lee but call me Jim. I am a University Innovation Fellow in training at UW-Milwaukee. I'm a junior 

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business student in the Sheldon B Lubar School of business studying marketing and entrepreneurship. My focus at the moment is on marketing, entrepreneurship, non-profits and small business. I was first introduced to entrepreneurship at the age of 12. My uncle and grandfather opened up a small grocery/retail store that operated for a number of years in my hometown, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Having that exposure to entrepreneurship is one of the reasons why I want to start my own business. In my journey throughout college, I have been exposed to innovation/entrepreneurship, student organizations, and non-profits. Which led to countless opportunities that helped me be a part of a startup team, work at non-profits, and become a student leader. My goal before I leave college is to start up a business and to inspire other students to think outside the box and consider going down the entrepreneurship route. 

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