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Tomisin Profile Picture.jpg
Tomisin Adebari
School (Cohort)
Morgan State University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Biological Sciences
United States


Meet Tomisin, a passionate and driven Junior studying Biological Sciences at Morgan State University. Originally from Nigeria, Tomisin currently resides in the vibrant city of Baltimore. During Tomisin's academic journey, she had the opportunity to engage in cancer research through a summer internship at Johns Hopkins Medicine, which ignited her interest in exploring the potential of AI in healthcare. Recognizing the transformative power of technology in patient care, Tomisin aspires to contribute to advancements in this exciting intersection.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Tomisin is a multi-talented individual with a unique set of skills and attributes. She is a self-taught guitarist, and her passion for music provides a creative outlet amidst her scientific pursuits. Tomisin also owns a blog titled "Inspire," where she delves into the topic of self-confidence, helping others embrace their strengths and achieve personal growth. Her dedication to uplifting and empowering individuals extends to her high-level personal goal: creating a self-esteem program for teens, envisioning a future where young minds are equipped with the confidence to pursue their dreams.

On a professional level, Tomisin is deeply committed to addressing public health equity issues, believing that everyone should have equal access to quality healthcare. Additionally, her interests extend to the field of cardiovascular surgery, where she hopes to make a meaningful impact on patients' lives through medical innovations.

In her journey as a university innovation fellow, Tomisin is motivated by the Ubuntu philosophy that underscores the interconnectedness of humanity. With a strong belief in the responsibility to uplift and support one another, she seeks to make a positive difference in the world, fostering a community where everyone can thrive.


  • RISE finalist 2022 : An initiative of Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust. Selected as one of the 500 finalists out of 15000+ worldwide.
  • ●  Nutri Quiz Competition Winner (2019)
  • ●  Girl-up STEM scholarship (2022). One of five winners worldwide.

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