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Thuc Linh Cao
School (Cohort)
Macquarie University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Social Science


Linh Cao is a Social Science student at Macquarie University, based in Sydney, Australia.

Linh Cao went from a high school Biology major to a Commerce student before taking a two-year gap to work as a Business Development Junior at EyeQ Tech, an AI start-up that transforms Vietnamese Smart Hotel chains. However, as Linh was inspired by her father, a cardiologist who has been saving children's lives his whole life, she never stopped challenging her intrinsic beliefs and motivations. At the end of the day, Linh Cao believes people and their modern struggles drive her purpose. Her ultimate mission is to innovate people's well-being at all costs, especially for the youth. Linh Cao believes that together with material innovation, well-being is the key to "the good life", and she is responsible for developing it.

"People keep reminding each other about having a "life" and making social impacts outside of work; I dream of making an impact on their well-being as my life-long passion and enjoying the sparks of my close ones in the after hours."


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