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Student priorities.

After collecting a rich database from over 150 Macquarie students, primarily undergraduates, and researching the I&E ecosystem of Macquarie University, we have explored the insights of the students' pain points and come up with five Strategic Priorities.

Project 1: Improvement in Campus Infrastructure, Summer Period, Everyone:

This priority focuses on improving aspects of campus facilities affecting the students' on-campus experience, such as food and drinks prices on campus, parking slots and fees on campus, and study spaces on campus.

Our Key Tactics:

  • To create outlets offering cheaper food options on campus.
  • To create more parking slots and reduce students' parking fees.
  • To maximise students' study spaces on campus.

Project 2: Improvement in Learning Quality, Academic Year, Students & Academic Staff:

This priority focuses on helping students further enjoy their learning experiences.

Our Key Tactics:

  • To create tools and activities for students to reduce assignment stress.
  • To offer more flexibility in planning degrees and selecting subjects.
  • To improve the Student-Faculty relationships.
  • To offer more flexible class time slots.

Project 3: Improvement in Social Life, Throughout Semester, Students:

This priority focuses on meeting students' social needs on campus.

Our Key Tactics:

  • To organise more social events.
  • To create opportunities for students to get together with faculty members and friends for a coffee.
  • To organise field trips once every semester.

Project 4: Improvement of Univerisity's Financial Aspect, Entire year, Students:

This priority addresses students' dissatisfaction with the university's financing system.

Our Key Tactics:

  • To lower student service fees.
  • To support students with more scholarship offers.