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Tejaswi Vajinepalli

Tejaswi Vajinepalli is an UIF Fellow from Fall 2017, currently pursuing his Majors in Mechanical Department at RVR&JC College Of Engineering.He completeld his schooling till 10th grade at Loyola Public School and senior secondary education at Dr.KLP Public School, both located in Guntur. He is a knowledgable person who always likes to explore things and learn from practical exposures and experiences. He is dedicated, committed and amazes people with his zeal to learn and achieve heights. He is an above average student in academics. He is best known for his on stage oration skills and his way of talking, he likes philosophy and is fond of books and movies. He is passionate about becoming a writer and a successful enterprenuer. He has already become a published author in few antholgies. 

             He volunteered for MAD(Make A Difference) for 2 years, an NGO that thrives for equitable outcomes to kids at shelter homes all over India. He worked as an IGV Team  Member in AISEC Vijayawada. He has an experience of working as content manager, HR, blogger and Creative Writer. The working in these organisations led to his proficiency in professionalism and gain over skills that impart communication smoothly and fastly. He is a Philosopher for those who feel so..!

facebook : <a href="https://www.facebook.com/TejaswiVajinepalli">https://www.facebook.com/TejaswiVajinepalli</a> 
Mail : vajinepallitejaswi@gmail.com
Whatsapp : +91 9494997643

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