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In order to overcome all the hurdles and improve the productivity of our college. We have designed a study approach and listed out things that are needed in order to produce an overall improvement in the campus

Strategy #1: To Bring Awareness among Students and Faculty

Lack of awareness is obviously the major cause for any problem we come across in our life. So, we decided to start from clearing it. We thought bringing awareness will eventually create interest and help in an individuals development. These are the strategies we thought of could help bring about awareness among students and faculty

  • Conducting workshops to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the campus- The members of E-Club regularly conduct many seminars and workshops to promote all these kind of activities.
  • Reaching out to friends and acquaintances and explaining the importance of I&E.
  • Providing place where one can freely express their ideas and plans - This is being achieved by the E-Club which is started and run by the previous UIF's after the program.
  • Matrixing between freshman and juniors.
  • Talks by seniors about the use and need of resources and oppurtunities avaliable on campus.

Strategy #2: Allowing Interdisciplinary Collaboration

We cannot provide the most efficient output when we leave out some variables. Only when we combine all the ideas can we put forward the most suitable solution for any given problem. In case of engineering, we are separated by our discipline. So, a engineer can provide a perfect output when he can think beyond departmental boundaries. Such thinking ability can be brought about by

  • Conducting events and competitions that go beyond those boundaries - the design thinking challenge that helps more to understand about the design thinking,brainstorming,rapid prototyping etcand also competitions like the Big Idea Challenge (VELOCITY) where students express out their ideas..
  • Starting clubs that promote and provide space for innovative developments - E-Club i.e., Entrepreneurship club where all activities that involve or encourage innovations take place.
  • Giving real time problems as assignments and allowing interdisciplinary collaboration will generate some best and unique ideas.

Strategy #3: Research Promotion and Skill Development

We firmly believe that doing is way better than learning. If we are able to create interest within student to follow their interests and work on them, they will be able to excell in any field. To create such interest and to provide them with skills required, 

  • We have collaborations with Internshala and we also have a student partner from our college whose working for it. This also provides us with some extra credits.
  • Incubation area which provides us with all the infrastructure that is required for research.
  • Conducting workshops for developing various skills such as a design thinking workshop for promoting design thinking.

This not only improves their skill but also acts as a accelerant for their thoughts. They may find their field of interest and start working on it. Thus, it helps in promoting research and development in the campus.

Strategy #4: Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Support Marketing

Students can be more co-operative and productive when they know that the institution is supporting any positive idea they have in mind. So, we are providing a platform where not only can students present and prototype their ideas but can also patent and market their products. This is achieved by

  • Providing financial support for research and entrepreneurial projects.
  • Providing a business space to market their research and/or product or prototype and inviting various companies to present their view on the project.
  • Providing guidance and training to students to follow their interests.
  • Including certification course and a diploma course in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • Venture development cell is built to encourage the future budding entrepreneurs.
  • Escalating venture development cell activities.
  • Encouraging students to partcipate in social outreach programs.

Strategy #5: Career guidance cell

Many of the students don't even know about all the options that are avaliable after completing there graduation and some people have an idea about what to do after there graduation but they don't know how to do it. For this purpose we are planning to start a career guidance cell which is a student as well as faculty colloborated club  where the following things take place

  • Guest lectures by eminent personalities in that particular fields.
  • Guidance of what to do.
  • Some sort of exposure to that field through internships or industrial visits etc.

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