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Taylor Graybill
School (Cohort)
Bucknell University (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
United States of America


Taylor Graybill is an undergraduate student studying Accounting at Bucknell University and current candidate to become a University Innovation Fellow. He is results driven, and excels in communication and working in a diverse range of environments; he is committed to achieving success and building mutually beneficial relationships through innovation and collaboration.

Taylor began his career at Bucknell participating in the Design Thinking Leadership (DTL) Pre-Orientation program in its inaugural year. This ignited a passion for design thinking, but also an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. Throughout his first year, Taylor was an associate for Activities and Campus Events (2018-2019), which planned, organized, and developed extracurricular campus events for student population. Alongside of this, Taylor became a member of the Bison Investment Club to engage in the discussion of the worldwide economy and markets (2018-2020). This first year experience culminated in being named a leader for the DTL program in 2019. That August the program saw significant development in participation and client relationships with the Startup Lewisburg Small Business Development Center (SBDC), resulting in its establishment as one of the most recognized and postiively received pre-orientation programs at Bucknell.

Presently at Bucknell, Taylor works as an Accounts Manager for Bucknell Student Government, in addition to sitting on the finance committee for the organization. His responsibilities entail evaluating and processing financial information for student organizations. In December 2019, Taylor was appointed to be a director of the Design Thinking Leadership Pre-Orientation program, helping to guide the program through the COVID-19 pandemic to a successful virtual execution in August of 2020. Furthermore, he was invited with other fellows in early 2020 to present a design thinking workshop at a local university. Taylor also serves on the Student Lectureship Committee which aims to bring speakers from all disciplines to campus.

As of July 2020, Taylor was inducted as a Student Representative on the board for the Bucknell University Alumni Association. He is currently striving to enhance the Bucknell experience in all facets and continue to develop his skills as he progresses through his professional and academic career, all the while exploring new opportunities.


Dean's List

Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020

Awards and Nominations

2019-20 Student Leadership Award ~ Nominated

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