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Tariq Shaheed Profile Picture.jpg
Tariq Shaheed
School (Cohort)
Tennessee State University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Educational Leadership and Supervision
United States


- Currently work as a Math Interventionist - From Baltimore, MD but currently residing in Nashville, TN - Worked in Education for the past five years, working primarily as a Math Instructor from Geometry up to Calculus 1, while spending a year teaching Computer Science. Worked as a tutor for both Math and English at the university level for five years. Worked as an Administrator for Student Support for one year. - Attained my Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics in 2018; Master's of Teaching and Education in 2020; currently working on my Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Supervision. - CPR Certified; trained in Non-Violent De-escalation; able to empathize with others quickly to enable buy-in. - Lead an excursion through various cities in Europe with students; became an administrator at my school within 4 years and created an annual event to be added to the school's tradition. - Became the first person in my family to be enrolled in a doctoral program. - Enjoy listening to music, playing videogames, swimming, going for walks, and watching YouTube videos on various topics. - I am currently working on stories for a graphic novel!


- Successfully led an educational tour through Europe partnering with EF Tours. - Created "The Rodeo", a school culture festival at Bard High School Early College - Baltimore; a festival that is held annually to honor the diverse student populace and unite the school in one collective identity.

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