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Tanner Wheadon is a University Innovation Fellow from the Spring 2015 cohort. Tanner is a student majoring in Technology Management at Utah Valley University. Fascinated by the Design Thinking process, Tanner teaches seminars on innovation to students and members of the community. He is working with educators to create a makerspace on UVU's campus where students from all disciplines can work together to solve the world's problems.

Tanner works as a curriculum designer, facilitator, instructor, and mentor in the Go-To-Market Accelerator - an early-stage incubator that assists entrepreneurs in validating, modeling, and scaling their businesses. He creates value by embedding human-centered design into core curriculum; bringing real-world, experiential learning to workshops; and providing clients with opportunities to work across disciplines to create innovative solutions. He works with state-run organizations and local businesses to create mutually beneficial partnerships, programs, and events that provide opportunities for economic development in the state of Utah. 

Tanner's greatest joy comes not from seeing companies succeed, but from seeing individuals rekindle their creative confidence. Although our society typically associates creativity with artists, sculptors, dancers, etc., Tanner believes that every individual is creative because of their unique experiences. Tanner believes that the greatest innovation occurs when you bring a diverse group of individuals together to solve a common problem.

Email: tanner.wheadon@gmail.com

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