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Project Name: Excellence and Innovation Initiative

Project by Faculty Innovation Fellows Candidate Jeremiah Harrison

Why is this project important to you, your department, & your Fellows?

Thinking about education in ways other than traditional classroom education is key to innovation within higher education. This project will allow students to gain valuable experience and learn lessons that only project-based learning can provide.


The Innovation Academy at Utah Valley University is a department that collaborates across campus and with external partners to facilitate, assess, and increase accessibility of engaged learning opportunities for all students. Within that organization, my project is building the Excellence and Innovation Initiative and Think Tank. This program will provide project-based learning for students to augment their resumes and bridge the skills gap that students sometimes experience upon graduation. It will focus on partnering with businesses in the community that will submit projects, teams of students will be assembled and led by a student project manager to complete the project. This program is in the beginning, with 4 active projects. I want to grow the program to include hundreds of students and projects in the coming years.

Stakeholders served

  1. All UVU Students will potentially be served by this program.
  2. Companies within the community in Orem, Utah

Key Milestones

  • December 2022: First corporate project will conclude. Total students participating: 50
  • March 2023: 25 active projects, total students: 100. First certification for project managers will be offered.
  • June 2023: 35 active projects, total students: 150.
  • September 2023: Multiple partnerships with companies officially in effect, in addition to 50 active projects and 200 active students.
  • December 2023: 60 active projects with 250 participating students.
  • March 2024: 75 active projects with 300 active students.

An Innovation Portfolio

Curriculum for training students, charter for running student projects, charter for corporate projects, overall plans and blueprint for creating a similar program, student artifacts to show efficacy of program.

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