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Sunkara Sri Alekya was born  on 15th Nov 1997 and brought up in Guntur. She was very curious in learning new things from the day she started schooling in Sri Poojitha Public School. At present she is in her sophomore at RVR &JC College of Engineering. She usually asks nosy questions to herself as well as others to gain in depth knowledge on a particular area. This curiosity helped her to excel in every field that she has chosen. Today, this way of questioning helped her to see a problem in all dimensions and solved case studies of various fields. Her passion lies in executing small ideas in a creative manner to achieve success at a faster rate. she believe, getting big ideas doesn't make sense unless we execute it by an innovative approach which not only helps in completing the task but also in attaining success at a faster rate.

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Professional Values:

On analyzing her actual experiences at various levels from childhood, her professional value boils down to the following:

  1. A leader, Who can drive people to accomplish tasks as a team.
  2. The one who can drag critical points from various sources to analyze a particular case.
  3. Always seem to sense when people are talking at each other but not communicating with each other, then she jump into the discussion to clarify things.
  4. A dynamic multi tasking girl, can solve things by creativity and strategic approach.


She always believe in



she used to say that she always approach a problem in a different angle, Her words "sometimes it's better to think different, Now I may be wrong but finally I will be the ultimate winner in discovering a new aspect" shows how her thought process would be. Currently she is working her best to bring a change in the Higher Education ensuring her peers gaining the necessary attitudes, skills and knowedge to compete in the economy of the future.  

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