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Srujana  Kameswari  is pursuing B. Tech final year in Gayatri  Vidya  Parishad College of Engineering (Autonomous) in the stream of Electronics and


Communication Engineering. She is a very active girl from her childhood and is always interested in being creative. She participated in many Science fairs from her school and is one of the district rankers in the Joint Entrance Examination-Intermediate. In her college, she is currently a representative  of her class. From the beginning of her under graduation in school, she has done her best in every field she stepped in. She is one of the active volunteers of the college fest conducted every year . Also, she is one of the students who had a good academic record from her college. She is a Microsoft Technology Associate and have attended a hackathon conducted by the Microsoft team . She is also an active member as a  volunteer   for many events in her college . She is a good social worker  and she participated in activities like Beach cleaning, supplying required materials for an orphanage, etc..Moreover, she is a kind of person who believes that  peace can solve any situation in life which made her inculcate some practices like Yoga. She is also a member of ‘ The Art of Living’ organisation which is spreading peace all over the world . She wants to end up her career as a researcher which helps her to innovate so many things using  technology  which are helpful to the mankind in many ways.   She was always been an aspirant of inventing new things out of the old which we are using since ages.

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Pitch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-AOUh78FkY


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