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Serving as UIF Since: Spring 2017

School: RVR&JC College of Engineering 

What he does now: Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IMT Ghaziabad, and a Fellow, FAB, UI Guide- University Innovation Fellows.

What that means: Grooming and Inspiring new fellows to become the real change agents, Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Contact him about: Student Clubs; Hosting Design thinking workshops, sprints; Branding and Promotion; Designing Audit courses to improve I&E culture; Convincing Stakeholders; Problem Solving; Using Design thinking to solve Technical Problems, Entrepreneurial opportunities, E-hubs, Makers-spaces. Conan Doyle's fiction

Email: nvssrikar@gmail.com

Phone: (+91) - 7981797997

Connect@:  www.linkedin.com/in/srikar-naredla

Srikar Naredla is a Mechanical Engineer from RVR&JC College of Engineering, Guntur. His schooling went on in many places across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana which helped him understand the education system and aspired him to be an activist for change in higher education.

He rendered services as an ambassador for Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship across Andhra Pradesh. Through design thinking, he was successful in empowering students with necessary problem-solving skills and establishing an entrepreneurial ecosystem on his campus. He started Club Phoenix with a motto "to learn from ones failures" and trained over 300 students in design thinking through his workshops. Which resulted in 200+ start-up ideas, coached by the Northeastern University, Boston, under Venture Development Diploma Program (VDDP). He earned a 10000sqft space grants for makerspace on his campus, the largest earned by a student in the country to teach design thinking. He presided one of the five Venture Development Centers of the state and led the Entrepreneur's club of his campus towards improving entrepreneurship opportunities to other campuses. He designed methods and workshops to teach engineering in a more experience able way focusing the application of concepts learnt in classes.

He hosted 70+ Design thinking workshops (photos link [1]) to educational institutions and corporate in both India and abroad. For the impact he has created, he was chosen to serve as a FAB, and operations lead for Silicon Valley Meetup (2023, 2019) and Eastern Hemisphere Meetup (2018) and delivered ignite talks on each occasion.

Ignite 1: Finding Triumph in Setbacks (2023)[2]

Ignite 2: Art of Winning (2019)[3]

Ignite 3: There is No Right Path (2018)[4]

He dreams for India to be a nation where “No infant craves for milk; no youngster is deprived of primary education and no youth goes from door to door knocking for a job”.

He is a standup comic and loves networking, reading fiction by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Ian Fleming. His other interests are film making, writing fiction, cooking.

finally," Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do things that no one can imagine."





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