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Sourabh Pratap Singh was born and raised in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He is a mechanical student in Ambalika Institute of Management And Technology,Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh.He is always involved in all technical activities in college.He had done 2-3 National projects likeF-1 cAR RACING 2017(SUPRA SAE INDIA) AND TIFAN SAE 2017(Technical Innovation For Agricultural Nurturing).
He was  very passionate about innovating new things ,developing new ideas.He was also known as "TECHNICAL MAN" in a college.
He was having a familiar nature to everyone, and due to this familiar nature he was having a very sharp and well-focused brain. He was always ready to be a part of any innovation. He was also interested in transforming the Education curriculum of the undergraduates, especially freshmen so as to keep up with the rapid pace of the current world and make a mark for themselves.


Ambalika Instute of Management and Technology University Innovation Fellow Fall 2017 

'Sourabh Pratap Singh'

Mohammad Jaeem

Ravi Nishad

Abhishek Kumar Rai

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