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Sopuruchi Ndubuisi
School (Cohort)
Fisk University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
United States


Sopuruchi is a Honors Art and Design major at Fisk University with a profound passion for merging creativity, inclusivity, and technology. Born and raised in Nigeria, Sopuruchi saw how her community struggled with adapting to and trusting technology, not because it wasn't meant for them, but because it wasn't designed with them in mind, inevitably stifling advancement and setting them further apart. This drives her passion for making technology accessible and inclusive, with the belief that technology should not only be innovative and solution-oriented but also accessible to all communities.

Through past experiences at companies such as Slack, Tableau-Salesforce, Data Culture, and Jam City through internships, Sopuruchi has honed her design skills at the intersection of innovation and user experience. Her designs not only captivate visually but also prioritize accessibility, reflecting her dedication to making technology more inclusive. Beyond her creative pursuits, Sopuruchi is driven by a deep-seated commitment to equity. She is motivated to ensure that technology becomes a tool for breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity. Through her work, Sopuruchi seeks to bridge cultures and amplify underrepresented voices.


  • HBCU Battle of the Brains Hackathon - 1st Place
  • Zillow Housing Hackathon - 2nd Place
  • BESmart Hackathon - Best use of APIs and Technology
  • Target Design Challenge - Winner
  • Western Digital Creator's Award
  • PIMCO Future Leader's Scholar
  • W.E.B DuBois Honors Scholar
  • Adobe Design Fellow
  • AEI Design Fellow.

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