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Fisk University is a highly ranked historically black university, according to U.S. News and World Report, and is the oldest institution of higher learning in Nashville, Tennessee. Fisk’s outstanding faculty and students continue to enhance the University’s international reputation for academic excellence. Our scholars continue to make strides in all areas of the industry from Social Justice to the sciences. A Fisk education prepares our students to become beacons in servicing the community and well-rounded leaders and scholars in their respective fields. Fisk offers more than 20+ undergraduate and graduate programs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Clinical Psychology with a bridge Masters to Ph.D. programs through a partnership with Vanderbilt University.

Aerial View of Fisk University


Fisk University produces graduates from diverse backgrounds with the integrity and intellect required for substantive contributions to society, Our curriculum is grounded in the liberal arts. Our faculty and administrators emphasize the discovery and advancement of knowledge through research in the natural and social sciences, business and the humanities.

Promoting Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Fisk University is devoted to promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship in their students through courses and programs. The University offers a degree in Bachelor of Science Business Administration Degree with concentrations in Accounting, Financial Economics, International Business, Management and Music Business which allows students to major in Business with any of these concentrations. Fisk also has a Intro to Business & Entrepreneurship course which is a CORE course that every student from every major must take. This helps ensure that every student that goes through Fisk has had some experience in entrepreneurship.

Thanks to the Office of Career Planning and Development Department, their students have been exposed to resources that help foster entrepreneurship and general career readiness. Fisk has placed a strategic focus on the Office of Career Planning and Development. The University recognizes that college represents a tremendous investment of time and resources and that its students rely on them to deliver outstanding opportunities. In a time of record student debt, the university strives to provide a significant return on investment, and by extension, help students realize their future goals. This is evidenced by their partnerships, internships, and placements. This dedication to outcomes and deliverables is spearheaded by the Office of Career Planning and Development (OCPD). The OCPD office has brought ground-breaking programs and resources and partnered with organizations like the Centre for Financial Advancement, INROADS, and Ryan Specialty Group, to name a few. The use of partners and programs like these have helped pique students' interest in the world of innovation and the necessity for the youth of this generation to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

In the Summer of 2023, Fisk University, in partnership with the Metropolitan Government of Nashville, announced plans to renovate the former Burrus Hall on Fisk University campus to be the location of the new Darell S. Freeman Sr. Innovation and Incubation Center. The Incubation Center will seek to promote design thinking, creativity, and innovation among students. It will be a haven for innovation and incubation of various ideas by students on campus as well as others in the neighborhood.

Encouraging Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Fisk University conducts workshops once in a while to help faculty improve their skills. Moreover, the university aspires to have faculty and staff evoke their Entrepreneurial skill set, to give back different skill sets to the students. Faculty are encouraged to motivate students to do more research and help them along that process.

Actively Supporting the University Technology Transfer Function

"We don't have a technology transfer office at our school."

Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration

Mentoring, advisory or business networks strategies

Fisk University's Office of Career Planning and Development has a Center For Financial Advancement chapter in partnership with HomeFree USA to educate students on financial stability and entrepreneurial skills that can serve them in the corporate world.

Technology, industrial park, manufacturing and/or wet lab spaces.

There are also multiple research projects going on at Fisk University especially in the STEM fields including wet-lab research in neuroscience, polymeric biomaterials, bioengineering, and proteins.

Engaging with Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts:

In addition to our partnership with HomeFree USA for economic development of current students and alumni, Fisk University's career office also has partnerships with Google, HCA Healthcare, Caterpillar, Equinix, Dell Technologies, D.E Shaw Research, Davita, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP among others.