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Li Yini is an undergraduate student who has the double major of Spnaish language and literature & Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

I&E Experience

#Vice president and Executive director of GYES

As a fan of Design and I&E education, she has oragnized the first Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit (GYES) of PKU led by undergraduate students. Taking the role of executive director, she has witnessed the summit growing from an idea to the reality. GYES 2017 invited more than 100 investors and VC, PE institute to participate, and enrolled 15 start ups founded by youth under 27 years old from China, The United States of America, Mexico, Japan, Britain and Sinapore. Serving as an open platform to make I&E in China known by the whole world, and to help foreigners who have interest in Chinese market to learn about this country, this summit has made a great impact inside and outside the campus, and has been reported by state owned newspapers like Renmin Daily, and I&E media X-techer, Sophie Lee herself has been interviewed by Beijing International Radio as representative of the commitee.

#Double Major in Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Although she does an outstanding academic work in her second major -- Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, she has also reflcted over the problems existed in the educational system. Incomplete educational system of I&E results in the messy orgnization of the courses; Few of the students enrolled in the I&E program lack the courage and executive capability to drive the idea to real things;I&E education always is bussiness oriented, the interdisciplinary  interaction isn‘t effective enough. 

With all the related experience and the detected problems, Sophie Lee is passionate to learn more about the I&E education by UIF program, and to make more impact in PKU and China by utilizing the methods learnt in UIF.

Personal Interst and other competence

Apart from I&E, Sophie Lee also has strong interest in public speaking and international communication.

She has done wonderful job in being the bilingual hostess of the dialogue between Bill Gates and Lin Yifu ( DIstinguished Economist in China ), bilingual hostess of Beijing Forum ( The largest academic forum in PKU). 

She had won the first prize and best debater in Novice Cup PKU Debate Tournament, title of ¨ Best Ten Public Speaker in PKU¨ ect.

With rich international communication experience, she has been outstanding representative in TOP CHINA program (International Communication between China and Brazil ), and the first prize in Global Vision Initiative ( Sino-US Business case  competition ).